Initially I wanted to get 2 Crumpler bags from a Mass Order (MO) in Hardwarezone. But it was a flock and I got my refund back. I paid promptly and some other faggots just refused to pay and back out suddenly when the organizer wanted to place order and ask them for money. The MO was not much cheaper anyway, it was also about 10% and I paid $280 for the 2 bags listed below.

Instead I got the Crumpler bags from the Crumpler store located at Raffles City. I got myself “The Part and Parcel (Blue) (PP01A)” for $216 and got for LiXiang “The Headaitch (L) (Brown) (HD0102A)” for $96. Used my brother Apple Card and get a 10% off total bill and it amounted to $279.90 which is 10 cents cheaper than from the MO. LOL