My exams are FINALLY OVER, never in life I am so stress about exams except in NUS. The competition is so high and the students here are like 10x smarter than you, which makes you 10x stupider.

My dad bought a NEW LCD TV. When my dad told me about it, I thought he was joking because he is seldom serious. I did not believe it till my mom show me the receipt from Best Denki. It is a Samsung 32″ inch LCD HD TV (LA32R71B). I think they are cleaning stocks as the model was quite outdated and they are selling for $1299, if I am not wrong and there are only 10 sets available per Best Denki outlet. This is the first time my family have bought a TV, my house got like 4 tvs and all 4 of them are either given by us or bought with gift vouchers. Even the first tv my family got was given by my uncle.

Wanted to get a media streaming device, but I thought of a better way to stream movie to my new TV. I bought a VGA cable for $10 and a sound cable for $6 and connect my laptop to the TV and then use my laptop wireless to stream movie from my desktop PC. I spent only like $16 instead of getting a new device which cost about $200. LOL

I will be halting my WordPress plugins development for a while because I got a freelance job which I have to complete it ASAP, my client has already paid me 40% of it and the pay is good.