Spiderman 3
Caught Spiderman 3 at Lido with LiXiang and her friends after eating a Sushi buffet from Suki Sushi which is located at Cineleisure level 4. I think it will be my first and last time eating at Suki Sushi because the food there sucks. Sakae Sushi is so much better. I think among all the budget sushi eatery outlets, Sakae Sushi is still the best.

Spiderman 3 was damn boring, the action part was so short and plain, Spiderman 2 was way better. Lets hope if there is a Spiderman 4 it will be good. Because from my point of view, Spiderman 1 sucks, Spiderman 2 was ok, Spiderman 3 sucks and Spiderman 4 should be ok.

Bridge To Terabithia
Towards the last part of the movie, it was kinda sad, but overall is a crap movie. Luckily I watched it for free and at the comfort at my own home.

200 Pounds Beauty
They say it is better than My Sassy Girl, but I think My Sassy Girl is much better but overall, it is still not a bad show. I think the soundtrack should be good.