Caught Next last week at GV VivoCity, the movie was not bad, slightly above average. My eyes was glued to the big screen practically throughout the whole movie, it was quite a action packed flim. Next movie I am going to watch is POTC 3: At World’s End at GV VivoCity also, I got 4 free tickets thanks to my mom and OCBC =D

Been busy doing lots of web programming, both for my freelance job and WordPress plugins. I hope I can finished my freelance job ASAP and get the rest of the money (60%). 40% was paid to me upfront. My client is quite good, he did the design and I did the programming and translating psd layout to xhtml layout. And the changes that he made are always very minor. I can’t stand those noob clients who keep changing and changing and those changes are major changes, we are talking about layout and not typos/font/alignment/position. Screw them.

I enjoy doing my WordPress plugins more than my freelance job even though I do not get paid for it. It is so weird. I think I must stop feeling that way, if not I will end up sleeping on the streets rather than in a proper house.

Anyway, to all my WordPress plugins users, everything is right on schedule, I will release most of my updated plugins except WP-Wap and WP-ServerInfo which I have nothing to update, on 1st June 2007.