Thai Glico Dinner
Had the annual Thai Glico Dinner at Wan Hao: Chinese Restaurant which is located at Marriott Hotel. The boss seems to like Wan Hao a lot and I think this is the 4th of 5th consecutive times we have eaten there. A $1000 per table (they always booked 2 tables) dinner and free flow of whatever drinks you like is just too good to resist. Food is more than great, it is excellent. In regards to pricing, it is very expensive =(

Samsung YP-K3
I want to thank Kelvin Lee, Delicia Tan from Edelman and Serene Chan from Samsung for the great lunch at Carnivore and of course the sponsored Samsung YP-K3 MP3 Player. Thank you guys so much! I will feedback you guys about the MP3 player and help spread the word. See you all soon at WCG this August.