I have changed the width of this site from 600px to 800px.

Back in 2003 when I designed this layout, 800×600 is still quite the normal resolution for most computers so in order to make this site layout compatible with 800px in width, I chose 600px as the width.

Come 4 years later, where LCD became cheaper and cheaper and the native resolution for a 15″ LCD is 1024×768, I have decided to change the width to 800px, so that i can incorporate some pictures into the post as I think a post with all text will makes it looks pretty dull and furthermore it is a multimedia era.

But I will be changing to a new layout soon, once i can get the design senses in me to design the header and some free time to port over the content.

I will be starting off by posting some Microsoft Remix 2007 event photos in the next blog post.

Kindly do a force refresh on this site by holding Shift and pressing F5.