Java Sucks
Been doing hardcore EJB3.0 because of my CS3214 and boy I have never been more pissed off with Java than this. As usual, I just hate it when Java threw an exception, because whenever I do a printStackTrace(), it will fucking give me error lines for files that is not even in my project, those are files belonging to Java itself. It is useless for an average end user point of view.

When there is an exception in your JSP (not compiling error), it will throw you an error line of the compiled version instead of the error line in your JSP, and they expect me to find that error line.

Java has always slowed down my programming especially when it comes to web programming in Java like JSP and servlet. I can archive the same thing in ASP/ASP.NET/PHP with just 1/2 or even 3/4 the time required for me to do in Java.

Debugging Java is hell.

I have no fucking idea why schools in Singapore is so Java oriented.

The show was quite entertaining and it is better than what I have expected. I expected it to be quite lame but it turn out to be quite humorous. I love the tagline for the dog, “There’s no need to fear. Underdog is here!” LOL

Rogue Assassin AKA War
Its working title was Rogue. It was changed to avoid conflict with another film with the same name. It was re-titled as Rogue Assassin in Hong Kong, Singapore and several European countries.

I thought Jet Li said that Fearless is his last fighting movie and he wanted to act in more heart warming type of movie, but apparently that is not the case, there is fighting in Rogue Assassin but it is quite minimal. Personally I find that the movie storyline kinda sucks and it is a bit confusing for me to understand or maybe I am that dumb. The twist at the back made it worst, but nevertheless it was a clever twist