Phew, just submitted my CS3214 on Friday at 3pm after camping 2 days in school rushing for it due to some hiccups the last week. I think the hopes for at least an A- is dashed for it, hopefully I still can get B+ for it. I made the right choice by doing CS3214 this semester as my teammates are all damn good in their own areas, web, documentation and business logic, kudos to you guys and girls. I will be going back to school tomorrow for rehearsal for my presentation will be on Wednesday.

NUS Facebook Course (CS3216)
I posted an entry entitled, NUS Offering Facebook Programming and someone posted that article on tomorrow.sg and after that I got an interview from The New Paper (TNP). And apparently this causes quite an amount of attention to be given to my school as The Sunday Times, TNP and Channel 8 & U has asked for a story on the new Facebook course. They are going to hold a press briefing next Wednesday and so happen on that day is my CS3214 presentation, if the postpone it to other days, I will be going down to help.

Singapore PHP Group
I will be giving a presentation on “WordPress Plugin Development with PHP” next month at the monthly Singapore PHP User Group Meetup on the 12th December 2007. It will be about 45 minutes presentation including Q&A. I am so nervous as I can’t do public speaking =(

Stardust, Saw IV, Bee Movie, The Kingdom
I watched 4 movies within this week, Stardust on Monday, Saw IV on Friday, Bee Movie and The Kingdom yesterday. All the movies are good. I can’t wait for Saw V and Saw VI.

Nokia N95 8GB vs Nokia N82
I am stuck between these 2 phones!!! I like N95 8GB but I afraid the slider will be come loose after a while and the camera lens will get scratches! I like Nokia N82 because of the candybar form factor and the xeon flash light. I think I am swaying towards the Nokia N82 side!