Hitachi 32″ LCD TV
My parents bought me a new Hitachi 32″ LCD TV (L32A01A) to replace my old Toshiba 21″ CRT TV (21VZ5E). Bought it at Best Denki at VivoCity for S$1099. Comes with a 3 years warranty, HDMI cable, and a wall mounting bracket. The only downside to this is that the television will get delivered to me together with a new Panasonic washing machine that my parents bought on 8th January 2008.

  • 32″ High Definition LCD TV
  • Mega Pixel Resolution 1,366 X 768
  • Hitachi’s Original IPS Alpha Technology
  • Picture Master Full HD Alpha Graphics Engine
  • 10,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • HDMI Input (Ver. 1.3) 1,000 Pages Teletext
  • Manual Swivel Stand

Thank you mom and dad!

I Am Lengend
Caught I am Legend at Cineleisure, the movie is about 90 minutes long and somehow I find it very average or even slightly below average. Most people I know also said the same thing that the novel is much better. The ending kinda sucks but I like how they make New York City deserted as in the technology behind it.

2 weeks ago on the 18th December 2007, had lunch at Barracks@House located at Dempsey Road together with several The Digital Movement (TDM) members, members and several guys from Microsoft. The reason for this lunch is because Joe Wilson who came all the way from Microsoft HQ wants to know the blogging scene in Singapore as part of his Asia Pacific visit. We discuss lots of stuff including local politics, freedom of speech in Singapore, local media, and what each of us thinks about Microsoft. It was a very good discussion and Nic is going to have more of this sort of lunch in the future. I can’t wait for the next one. Cheers to all those that I met during lunch. It was nice meeting you all.

Last Day Of Year
This is the last day of the year before we proceed on to 2008 the year of the Olympics. 2007 has been quite a good year for me except for the fact that the USD keeps dropping, hopefully, 2008 will be better for me and everyone else.

For the start, I can foresee that I will love 2008:

  • New Hitachi 32″ LCD TV
  • New Samsung 24″ or 27″ LCD Monitor
  • New Intel Yorkfield Desktop Computer
  • New Nokia N82 Mobile Phone
  • New Ikea Table
  • New Swissflex Spectacles