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Dont you just love how Facebook has an application for everything possible? Dont you just love wading through your friends Facebook profiles with the simple goal of finding their Wall? Dont you just love how Facebook is looking more and more like MySpace every single day? Fear no more, the Facebook Platform Team has a plan to unclutter profiles: a œprofile clean-up tool. Essentially, the tool will give users the option to move extra profile boxes to an œextended portion of their profile. At the bottom of the profile page there will be a link to œShow Extended Profile which expands the profile for viewing all of the users applications. This should mean a cleaner look, and faster loading pages. Personally, I would much prefer a œhide all 3rd party crap feature, but this move seems to be a step in the right direction.

Finally they have decided to do it, I just hate it when any Facebook Profile has more than 10 applications installed. It just make the loading time increased by 932408932402 times and the chances of crashing your browser by 903248234 times.

They should also have an option called “Disable All Invitations By 3rd Party Applications” in your settings page or perhaps a “Ignore All 3rd Party Applications” in the notifications page.