Here are some post install details about Windows 7 (Seven) M1 originally posted by “Kenipnet” in Neowin’s Forums. Hopefully we can get some leaked screenshots soon.

Over the weekend I finally managed to play with the build¦. but disappointed.

One my primary machine, it asked for my SATA driver (never happened when installing Vista, as my drives were set as IDE in BIOS). After adding the driver from my USB thumb drive it would finally install. It didnt boot after first restart, however.

On my laptop it installed perfectly, but with no driver support for the video card. After numerous tries I gave up in the end, so Aero is now left in the dark.

Oh well, so theres nothing to show.

The build is 6.1.6519.

The GUI, as much of you have guessed, is very much like Vista. I dont know if once the right video card driver is in place whether there will be flashy stuffs to surprise me. The system is very responsive, using barely 480MB of memory after boot.

Gadgets are now integrated into explorer. You can right click on desktop and select œAdd Gadget or œHide Gadget. There is a new gadget called œWindows Media Center that displays now playing information from the WMC. On the same menu, œDisplay is added above œPersonalization which gives you direct access to display DPI settings. The page is much more polished than the one in Vista.

The start menu features a pin besides each item. Clicking on it toggles pinning/unpinning the item. Search in explorer is now states where you search within (usually being within the folder, as in Vista). You can now, however, adjust the size of the search box.

XAML fonts, called the œComposite Fonts are now added to the font folder. Perhaps WPF will be much more prominent in this release. Its disappointing that I dont have Aero running, or otherwise there might be some interesting stuffs to see.

A new application is added, dubbed the œXPS Viewer, no surprises, either.

Then finally, something interesting came up: the feedback tool. The feedback tool lists the œpillars of Win 7. You can see that Microsoft is aiming to fine tune this release as the case in XP rather than technological advancement as in 2K. highlights includenetwork aware, with improved connection tools and detections. It will have the ability to detect which network youre in and switch your settings and devices accordingly; With Live account, you can carry your IE settings and favorites with you; Gadget data caching; New Calculator, Paint, and Wordpad using WPF; install to desktop in 10 mins with only 1 reboot; instant streaming; better battery mileage, etc. All descriptions are scenario-based, so what will actually turn up is still yet to know.

Oh.. how could I miss this. A new boot screen does show up, finally. A full screen Vista-logon screen like boot screen with a beam scrolling across the whole screen near the bottom. Looks nice but reminds me of Win9x (well since XP weve been in the œdark, so surprised to see such a bright boot screen)!

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