Chinese New Year Day 1
I think Chinese New Year is getting more and more boring because all my cousins are getting older and they have their own family to attend to and the gathering time is getting shorted and shorter each year. Last time when I was still a kid we would played till at night for the first and second day of Chinese New Year, now before the night approaches on the first day, I would already left my paternal grandfather place to return home.

We wanted to watch movie but all the movie regardless of timeslot is sold out (left the first row) and GV website was undergoing very heavy traffic and I am unable to book any movie even for the next day.

We went down to VivoCity for dinner and on the way bought tickets for Ah Long Pte Ltd for the next day at 11.20am.

Almost all the restaurants in Vivo had very long queue and end up we settle our dinner at Hog’s Breath Cafe where there was no queue and the restaurant was practically empty maybe due to the steep price. I ate the Sirloin Steak which cost $29.90 and it does not come with any sauce. it is just plainly marinated meat, salad and curly fries. The portion was huge. I still prefer Outback’s Steakhouse. I would not say Hog’s Breath Cafe is lousy.

After dinner, my mom and I paid a visit to Li Xiang house. It is the first time my mom went to her house after we got together for almost 4 years and spanning a total of 4 Chinese New Years (including this year).

Chinese New Year Day 2
Caught Ah Long Pte Ltd at GV VivoCity. The movie is kinda long about 2 hours and it was good. I have no ideas why those movie critics gave poor reviews for it. There is humor, storyline and it even causes you to reflect on the society, all in this movie. It is definitely one of the better Jack Neo movie since a long time ago. His previous movie Just Follow Law sucks.

Went to Li Xiang house after that and paid a visit to her auntie house at Bukit Panjang later in the evening.

Chinese New Year Day 3
Went to my Uncle Terry (my mom’s younger brother) house to celebrate my cousin birthday (I can’t remember how old is she, I think she is in Primary 4 or 5).

After that went to National Library to meet up with Li Xiang where she is doing her research on Art while I clear my homework which has been piling up since Chinese New Year. I don’t understand how can people study in such a quiet environment where if you made some sound, the people there will be turning their heads looking at you. Makes you feel like you are in a zoo.

Left the library at about 7pm and we went to Raffles City to have Mos Burger for dinner. The basement of Raffles City has changed a lot since I last been to there. I am not talking about the extension there, rather it is the renovation of some parts of the basement.

Got myself a new Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home bag for $112 to replace my almost tattered Nike sling bag. I also bought a tiny Crumpler matchbox for $1 for Li Xiang.

Li Xiang bought 3 cute plastic rings (Scooby Doo, Penguin and Superman Logo) for $10 at Inbox. It is cute and very iconic.

We went to Marina Square after that to watch CJ7 as my brother has problem booking for us the tickets. I just love Visa Platinum priority queue!

We spend 3 hours walking around Marina Square and Esplanade. Li Xiang and I bought a bermuda for $21.90 each from Samuel & Kelvin (S&K). My bermuda is exactly the same design but different color to the one I bought for $43.80 2 months ago! It is really 50% off as stated on the poster. Li Xiang also got a double sided belt for only $9.00.

CJ7 was rather short about 90 minutes and I think it is a crap show. The lip syncing was way off and the only good thing about the movie is the cute little alien dog and the boy’s girl’s expressions. Just in case you are wondering, that small boy who acted as Stephen Chow’s son is a girl actually. I really could not tell it.

Chinese New Year Day 4
Had a lunch buffet at Holiday Inn Park View’s Windows on the Park Restaurant. It is a buy 1 get 1 free promotion by UOB Credit Card. And the food kinda suck period.

Dinner was together with my dad’s brother and sister at Pasta de Waraku. They changed the menu. Now every dish has 2 sizes, a mini version and a regular version.

School Resumes
This is going to be a very busy week for me (as usual) with lots of assignments and tutorials due. I wonder does the professors here know that we are NOT only taking his/her module.

Speaking of module, I regretted taking CS3216 which some of you might know it as the Facebook Module in NUS. The workload of this module is more than the workload of 2 of my core modules added together. I have like 4 assignments (with sub assignments) and 1 major project within the short span of like 13 weeks and it is only worth 4MCs. And I am taking this module as my Unrestricted Elective (UE)!