MIX-it-up is a series of technology briefings where the audience can experience a great mix of interactive presentations, cutting edge technologies and real world examples.

All MIX-it-up events are held in Microsoft Singapore office (auditorium) located on the 21st floor in NTUC Building. Registrations starts at around 6.30pm and the event ends around 9.30pm.

The first MIX-it-up session is held yesterday, entitled Mash-it-up. This event talks about Microsoft and Web 2.0, Facebook, Popfly and Windows Live. I was there with Weiquan to support Michael and the Singapore PHP User Group and not forgetting Chris (Michael and Chris are both presenting on Windows Live Services with PHP). I will also try my best to be there for the remaining 3 events provided it does not conflict with my school schedules.

Remaining 3 events are:

  1. Build-it-up (9th April 2008) – Developing Next Generation Web Sites with Microsoft Tools
  2. Connect-it-up (29th May 2008) – Leveraging on Microsoft Office as a Web platform
  3. Hook-it-up (26th June 2008) – Connecting to the Web with Microsoft’s Next Generation Data Services

I think that all these events are held in conjunction with Remix 2008 which will be held in Singapore on the 16th May 2008. I was there in Remix 2007 thanks to Nic. But now he is in Seattle, guess I can’t go this year as the admission cost about S$300.

Mash-it-up ended at about 9.30pm. Microsoft ordered some books from its vendor to be given as prizes during the event, but since there are quite a number of left over books and it is placed in front on the stage, it was free for all to take. And apparently I was like WTF, all cluster fucking around the books trying to grab one, I am so disgusted by their actions, I would like to emphasis that not all are Singaporeans, apparently even foreigners does that. And I thought developers are civilized people and this really prove me wrong. The best part is that the book is not exactly new as it is about Visual Basic 2005.

Anyway, after everything, we (Singapore PHP User Group) went up to the 22nd level and into the innovation center. I asked Chris and he told me MS occupy 6 levels in the NTUC building. I was like “I so want to work in Microsoft Singapore” when I saw the room. There was like 3 projection screens projecting from the XBOX 360 and all of us gave a go at Guitar Hero as it just came in a few days ago.

I also played around with Microsoft Photosynth and Microsoft HD Photo (I can’t seem to find a link on it) and it really took my breath away.

Thanks to Chris Ismael and Jocelyn Villaraza from Microsoft Singapore for the Guitar Hero.

Lift Lobby


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View From The 21st Floor (Raining)

Innovation Center