24th Birthday Celebration

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Vantage Point – 20th March 2008
Caught Vantage Point on Thursday at GV VivoCity. Personally, I find the movie is nice but I know of others who do not like the movie at all due to the repetition. I love how they tried to bring the message across to the audience based on different perspective. I love how they leave a cliff hanger at the end of each perspective and visiting it back later at the next perspective. I think back in 2005, Hoodwinked also uses this method.

24th Birthday Celebration – 21st March 2008
Celebrated my 24th birthday with Li Xiang at Mandarin Oriental’s Melt, The World Cafe, on Good Friday. The buffet dinner is S$70.00 per head on weekends and public holidays. Ordered an additional 2 glasses of pineapple juice and after paying the bill, I realise it is S$12.00 per glass. The total bill amounted up to S$164 and the tax and service charge alone is S$29.03. Ended up paying S$193.05.

The next buffet we are going to try shall be The Line at Shangri La.

Birthday Presents
Li Xiang bought for me quite a number of presents this time round. It is meant for my birthday plus valentine’s day present. I got a Penguin Soft Toy, a little illustrations book entitled “The Secret Of Love“, a Superman T-shirt (she also bought the same one for herself) and a Arnold Palmer Polo T-shirt.

I also gave her an evening purse which is meant for Valentine’s Day. I bought it before Valentine’s Day but she do not want to accept it because her Valentine’s Day present for me is not ready.

Thank you dear for your wonderful presents. Promise me not to spend so much next time ok?
Thank you to my brother and Huimin for the Lacoste Polo T-shirt.

Here are some photos taken using my Nokia N82. I have not used any digital camera to take pictures ever since I got hold of the N82.

Melt, The World Cafe


More Food

BBQ Food

Lor Mee

S$12.00 Pineapple Juice

She Finished All The Desserts Alone

Taken At Marina Square

My Presents

Evening Bag For Li Xiang

Birthday Card From My Brother And His Girlfriend (Huimin)

Chocolate Birthday Cake From Awfully Chocolate

Lacoste Dark Blue Polo T-shirt My Brother And Huimin

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