Fourth Jason Bourne Film
The Jason Bourne trilogy is one of the best trilogy of all times, it is definitely on par with LOTR. I can’t wait for this 4th installment.

Marshall told IESB on the red carpet of the Saturn Awards that Bourne 4, as it’s being called, will “absolutely” happen. Since the fourth book, titled The Bourne Legacy, was written by Eric Van Lustbader instead of Ludlum because he was no longer alive at the time, they’re going to go down their own path. “We’re probably going to take our own direction and we’re working on what that storyline’s gonna be right now.” As for where Bourne might be going to this time, since he already made it all the way back to New York City – South America. Marshall says that they’ll probably take him “down south” to South America in the fourth installment, but story details aren’t fully finished yet.

The Host 2
The Host 1 was quite a crappy show, I don’t think the 2nd one will be good.

Although it’s been mentioned before, Variety now confirms that a sequel to 2006’s Korean monster flick The Host is in the works. Although it’s being produced partially by the same Korean company, Chungeorahm, the film is a “Chinese sequel” that will explore what happens when people ignore a monster due to their desire for money. The production budget is around $12 million and shooting will start sometime early next year for release by the end of 2009.

Kung Fu Panda 2
Some people do want the sequel of Kung Fu Panda. But for animations, normally the sequels is worst than the 1st installment. Keeping my finger crossed.

This is completely unconfirmed, but the blog of The Animators Guild recently wrote a post that mentions that DreamWorks is already working on a story for a sequel to Kung Fu Panda. Considering the film has already earned $162 million at the box office, it’s very likely that this is accurate. The film definitely leaves open the possibility for sequels at the end and I think I’m not alone when I say I’d love to see Po the Panda return in yet another adventure.

300 was not bad, I wonder what will be the sequel called, 301?

We first mentioned that this was “in the works” after 300 hit theaters in early 2007, now it seems to be actually coming together. Producer Gianni Nunnari tells Collider that they’re currently working on a sequel to 300. He says that they’re working with Frank Miller and Zack Snyder to create something authentic which would involve a new story of some kind. If you don’t believe it, Collider says they spoke with Zack Snyder separately and confirmed that it is indeed true and is indeed in the works.

Hellboy III
Hellboy I was not bad, Hellboy II has not shown in Singapore yet. Also keeping my finger cross.

All eyes are currently set on Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army, due out in theaters on July 11th, and his work on The Hobbit soon thereafter. However, Guillermo told Collider that he would love to make Hellboy III after he finishes work on The Hobbit, so if all goes as planned, we might see Hellboy III in 2012 or 2013. Don’t hold your breath though – that’s so far out and the success of Hellboy II hasn’t been guaranteed yet, so the possibility of this actually happening anytime soon is very slim.

Cloverfield 2
Say NO to Cloverfield 2.

Cloverfield 2 – Unfortunately this is the bad news of the bunch today. Cloverfield’s director Matt Reeves also spoke to Collider and told them that unfortunately Cloverfield 2 is on hold. He confirms that they promised only to make a sequel if they could find a story that was as fresh and unique as the first Cloverfield and right now they haven’t come up with that. He does say that they do have a couple of exciting ideas, but it’s in the very early stages and it’s not clear if they’ll develop into anything.

The only sequel I am looking forward to is Bourne 4.

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