Caught Wanted last night at GV VivoCity. It was a 109 minutes show. The show is pretty good especially the visual effects. Lots of bullet time and lots of slow motion which I like personally.

There is a twist towards the end which I think was pretty good. I would call it a “different perspective” rather than a actual twist.

I think they focus a lot on Angelina Jolie (Fox) rather than the main character of the movie who is James McAvoy (Wesley Gibson) in terms of advertising and promoting the film.

I just love it when they “Curl The Bullet” whether it is the action of saying the 3 words.

I think I remember this sentence by Morgan Freeman (Sloan) in the movie, “if people didn’t tell you that bullet flew straight, would you think it is possible to curl the bullet?” Somewhere along those lines.

For those who like the show, Wanted 2 is already in development.