Got my hands on the standalone Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Premier Edition from The Software Boutique for S$79.90. There is also another version of the Premier Edition which is S$89.90 and it is bundled with a T-Shirt and a 2GB Thumbdrive.

The default bundles is really lousy!

S$119 for the Officer’s pack which includes the Premier Edition and the Dicota Bag.

S$219 for the Commander’s Pack which includes the Dicota Bag, Premier Edition, Microsoft SideWinder X6 Gaming Keyboard and Red Alert 3 Garskin custom keyboard decals.

EA, please listen to this! Nobody wants all those stupid bundles judging from the posts in Hardware Zone Forums. People just want the standalone Premier Edition, nothing else.

Pictures time!

Tint Box (Front)

Tint Box (Back)

Tint Box + Plastic Cover (Front)

Tint Box + Plastic Cover (Back)

Poster, Manual, Warhammer Online CD Key, C&C Future Beta CD Key

Music Disc

Bonus Disc + Game Disc