Today marks our 4th anniversary together which is about 1,460 days.

Went to Li Xiang school to pick her up and we proceed on to Bras Basah to help my mom buy the expiry date sticker from Modern Bookstore located at level 1. Li Xiang bought a book from Basheer Graphic Books located at Level 4 as a birthday present for her friend, Nicole.

We also went to Fancy Papers which is located opposite National Library Board to get some art papers for Li Xiang school work and had lunch at Park Lane Wan Ton Mee which is located opposite Bugis Junction.

After doing all doing these errands, we went to Singapore Biennale 2008 (South Beach Development) as Li Xiang needed to retake some of the shots that she took previously. There are still 2 more places of the Biennale that we are going to covered tomorrow as it is quite out of the way for today’s itinerary.

After Biennale, we went around Haji Lane looking for costume’s mask for Nicole’s 21st birthday party tomorrow. We did saw 2 shops selling but I did not buy any as it is too expensive (Li Xiang already got hers). I think I will just forgo the mask as with spectacles on it is quite difficult to wear any mask.

I also went to a shop selling fabrix cases which are laptop sleeves as recommended by leinad of Hardware Zone. Unfortunately, they do not have MacBook Pro 15″ sizes available and I have to order. I hope leinad does a Mass Order (MO) for this.

Finally it is time for dinner. We had dinner at relish by wildrocket which is located at #02-01 Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre) at 501 Bukit Timah Road. We ordered the Chicken Thai Salad ($15), Handmade Onion Rings ($8) and Chocolate Cointreau Milkshake ($9.50). For the main course, I ordered Bacon Cheese Burger ($19) while Li Xiang ordered Curry Chicken Burger ($17). Total bill is $80.62 including 10% service charge and 7% GST.

The burger was good and the prices are very reasonable. The most expensive burger is priced at $19. It is definitely much better than uberburger (it had closed down) that we ate 2 years ago.

The milkshake is fantastic, it is thick and creamy, I find it better than Project Blood Brothers Cafe’s milkshake. Li Xiang love the onion ring a lot. As for the burger’s patty, it is thick, juicy and tasty! Li Xiang’s curry chicken burger really taste like curry chicken! Not forgetting they serve each burger with lots of fries that both of us can’t finish our own portion.

Happy 4th Anniversary my penguin! I love you always <3

Looking back:

*UPDATE* The Chocolate Chiffon cake that I bake was a success but the chocolate taste is not strong enough, have to melt the chocolate and spread it over the slice of cake when eating. Thanks to my mum for helping me, even though she did almost 50% of the whole process. Thanks Mum!