I have moved Li Xiang blog from http://hiang1211.blogspot.com/, powered by Blogger, to our domain called http://onezero24.net/, powered by WordPress. I have imported all the post successfully by NOT using the default WordPress importer (WP-Admin -> Tools -> Import -> Blogger).

What I did was to make a backup of the blogger site (Blogger Admin -> Settings -> Basic -> Blog Tools -> Export Blog) and then it will generate a XML file for you to download it to your PC.

Once the XML file has been downloaded, go to Blogger2Wordpress conversion utility and browse for the downloaded XML file. Give it a while to upload and process the XML file and once it is done, it will generate a WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) file for you to download.

Once the WXR file has been downloaded, go to your WordPress site, WP-Admin -> Tools -> Import -> WordPress and browse for the WXR file and click import. Give it some time and you will get all your posts imported from Blogger to WordPress!