Bought the Sony ICF-C1iPMK2 for S$157. The retail price is S$179 but after the member discount it is S$159. And after deducting off the carpark claim of S$2, it became S$157.

It fits my iPhone 3GS well. You do not need a iPhone 3G Universal Dock Adapter because there is a support at the back which you can adjust so that your iPhone 3GS can lie on it comfortably.

Sound quality was not bad but it is lacking in the bass department. FM radio reception was pretty good despite it being placed a distance from my closed windows. Love the remote as I can use it to control from my computer desk where I usually sit.

There is a backup battery (included) at the bottom of the device just in case your power went down. This will ensure that the alarm and clock will carry on functioning.

The only complaint I have is that it can’t turn off the display lighting. There are 3 levels of brightness for the display. Despite after setting it to be the lowest, it is still bright when the room is dark.

Box – Front View

Box – Back View

Box – Right View

Box – Left View

Box – Top View

Box Contents

Front View

Top View

Back View

Remote Control

Alarm Controls

Snooze and Preset Radio Stations Controls

Radio And iPod Controls

iPod And iPhone Dock

iPhone 3GS Docked In

On My Bed Side Table