I am not a guru when it comes to SEO, what I know about SEO is from what I heard from my friends and forums. I also do not believe in paying thousand over dollars just to get a good SEO because most of the tools are free!

Just would like to share the stuff I did on this website to improve it’s SEO:

  • Age of domain does matter, I bought lesterchan.net way back in 24th January 2004 which makes this domain close to 6 years old.
  • I am using Google XML Sitemaps to send sitemaps to various search engine.
  • Post title always appear first in the browser title bar before the domain name or website name, eg “Site Traffic October 2009 « Blog | lesterchan.net”.
  • I allow bots to crawl my whole website using <meta name=”robots” content=”all” />
  • From a user perspective, I always think what search term might the user Google for and I use that as the post title. eg “Windows 7 Pricing in Singapore” or “SingTel iPhone 3GS Price Plans”. All these post has become my most viewed posts.
  • Produce content that users really want in order to get them to link back to you. Example, my highest viewed page is my WordPress Plugins Page.
  • Register your website with Google Webmasters Tools.

Tools used to track my website:

Feel free to add in more SEO tips in the comments.