I love my Dell 2408WFP Monitor because it has not 1 but 2 DVI ports! This allows me to connect to my Windows desktop as well as to my MacBook Pro without physically switching the DVI cables from my monitor.

As I have been using Mac a lot during office hours, I wanted the same setup I have in my office at home which is 1 external monitor and dual screen it with my MacBook Pro. In order not to clutter my desk with too many items, I bought the Apple Wireless Keyboard for S$98 and together with my Apple Magic Mouse paired using bluetooth to my MacBook Pro, I am able to have both Mac and Windows environment with just a single monitor but having 2 separate sets of keyboard and mouse.


Box Open

Box Content

Apple Wireless Keyboard Front

Apple Wireless Keyboard Back

Apple Wireless Keyboard Power Button

Apple Wireless Keyboard Battery Compartment