Mikit MT80 is a 80% layout white mechnical keyboard retailing for S$180.

Mikit MT80 - Box Front
Mikit MT80 – Box Front
Mikit MT80 - Box Back
Mikit MT80 – Box Back
Mikit MT80 - Box Side
Mikit MT80 – Box Side
Mikit MT80 - Box
Mikit MT80 – Box

You will get additional Mac keycaps and different color Mikit logos that you can change on the left and right of the keyboard.

Mikit MT80 - Box Contents
Mikit MT80 – Box Contents

The outer shell of the plastic is translucent, allowing you to showcase the dynamic RGB effect with seven modes and 16 million colors.

Mikit MT80 - Front
Mikit MT80 – Front

MT80 has a built-in 4,000mAh battery that will give you up to 50 days of usage, assuming you use it 8 hours a day on Bluetooth without backlights.

Mikit MT80 - Back
Mikit MT80 – Back
Mikit MT80 - Right
Mikit MT80 – Right

MT80 supports three types of connections: Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4GHz, and USB-C. For USB-C and 2.4GHz, you will get a response time of 1 ms, whereas for Bluetooth, it will be 8 ms. For polling rate, USB-C and 2.4GHz will be 1,000Hz, while Bluetooth is 125Hz.

Mikit MT80 - Bottom
Mikit MT80 – Bottom
Mikit MT80 - Top
Mikit MT80 – Top

You can choose from 5 switches: Gateron Brown, Gateron Red, Gateron Yellow, TTC Gold Brown Pro, and TTC Gold Red Pro. I chose Gateron Red for its linear feel and quieter sound because I will use it for my gaming desktop. The keycaps are PBT, and the switches are hot-swappable.

Mikit MT80 - Gateron Red
Mikit MT80 – Gateron Red

For plates, you can choose from plastic or steel. I chose steel for its weight and sturdiness since the keyboard will be placed at home. You get more pings on steel plates, but since I chose linear switches, the pings would be acceptable.

There is a rotary wheel on the top right to control the volume.

Mikit MT80 - Rotary Wheel
Mikit MT80 – Rotary Wheel

On the top left, it cleverly stored the 2.4GHz wireless receiver underneath the magnetic cover.

Mikit MT80 - 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver
Mikit MT80 – 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver

The USB-C charging port is also on the top left, together with the wireless/wired switch.

Mikit MT80 - USB-C Port
Mikit MT80 – USB-C Port

MT80 is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Instead of having a hardware switch to toggle between the two operating systems, Mikit does it via keyboard shortcuts.

Mikit MT80 - Switches
Mikit MT80 – Switches

To toggle between the two OSes while holding on to the FN key, you press and hold the Tab key. The status indicator between the letters G and H keys will blink once.

Mikit MT80 - Status Indicator
Mikit MT80 – Status Indicator
Mikit MT80
Mikit MT80