I am a huge fan of Crumpler and have been looking for a working bag that fits my iPad and A4 sized paper. At first I thought of getting the Skivvy (Small) as it cost only S$81 but when I went to the Crumpler store at Ion Orchard, I changed my mind.

The Skivvy (Small) is basically like a laptop sleeve, it can fit just nice a 12″ laptop and have difficulty fitting in the charger and there are not much compartments to place my other gadgets like Camera, Portable HDD, etc.

The sales staff was very friendly and recommended me The Moderate Embarrassment. It also can fit a 12″ laptop and there are more compartments to place my stuff. So I ended up getting the The Moderate Embarrassment for S$155.

Note: The price stated in the online store is slightly more expensive than what is stated in the Crumpler store itself.

And Crumpler, if you are reading this, it is time for you to revamp your website. I seriously hated the flash site.

While you are here check out crumpler.nl, they have freaking loads of unique range of Crumpler products available to the Netherlands only. * Jealous*

Front View

Back View


Flip Open


In Goes My iPad