Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft Kinect
Microsoft Kinect

First off, Microsoft Project Natal has been renamed to Microsoft Kinect and will be available on 4th November 2010. I am so getting it for my Xbox 360. The rumored price is US$150.

For the Xbox 360 Original, Kinect will connect to your Xbox via a USB cable and a power cable is needed for power (doh!). Whereas for the New Xbox 360, you just need 1 cable (see below).

Official Site: Kinect
Fact Sheet: Kinect (docx)
Source: Microsoft Kinect gets official, Video Chat announced

Xbox 360 Slim

New Box 360
New Box 360

Microsoft also launch the new Xbox 360 which is slimer but personally from the screenshot, I think it looks uglier. It will go on sale from today in the US and priced at US$299

Here is a quote from Engadget:

The new box is crazy sexy in glossy black with touch-sensitive buttons, and Microsoft says it’s “whisper quiet,” with one large fan instead of two — the new 45nm chipset undoubtedly generates less heat to begin with. On the features front, it’s got integrated 2.4GHz 802.11n WiFi, five USB ports, and 250GB of storage on a removable hard drive, although it’s not a standard drive or same drive as the old console, and older Memory Units won’t work, either. Upgraders can use a USB-to-Xbox hard drive connector cable to migrate to the new box, however. There’s also a “custom Kinect port” on the back that looks like an HTC-style ExtUSB port, and it also seems like the power supply has moved inside the case.

Official Site: Xbox 360
Source: New Xbox 360 gets official at $299, shipping today, looks angular and ominous (video hands-on!)

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