When I posted my pictures of Iomega 1st Blogging Event which happened yesterday, many thought that Iomega is dead after their Zip Drive failed to penetrate the market because of the widespread of USB flash drives. But in fact they have been bought over by EMC which is a Fotune 500 company and specializes in data storage for US$213 million.

But yeap, now they are back. I kinda like Iomega products, I got their 100MB, 250MB and 750MB Zip Drives and I got a few old computers which is using their CD Writer and it is still working till today. BTW, TDK DVD Writer sucks, mine was spoilt before even reaching 2 years.

EMC acquisition of Iomega is to bring their storage technology to SMEs and home users at a more affordable price. The selling point of Iomega network and portable harddrives is not the harddrive itself but the software that comes with it.

Iomega vClone is one such software and it allows you to clone your computer into a harddrive and run it at on another computer as if it is your own personal computer. They have partnered with VMware for this to happen.

Capture a complete virtual image of your PC — including the operating system, all applications, your settings, and all your files to your Iomega hard drive. Access the cloned copy and use it seamlessly on another computer, just as if you’re working from your own PC. When you reconnect, automatically sync your data to your primary PC – everything is always up to date. Only Iomega offers this powerful solution.

Iomega Products Offering

Iomega Harddrive Features

Another technology they built into their eGo portable harddisk drive is the Iomega Drop Guard feature which protects the drive when dropped up to 1.3m. But seriously, I hope I do not ever drop my harddrive.

I did ask where is Iomega RMA center, they just told me it is in Sim Lim Square but did not give me a specific address. After Googling, I found out Iomega products are being distributed by Acecom and their service center has move to Ubi. Here is the address:

No 1 Ubi View #03-11
Focus One, Singapore 408555
Tel: (65) 6326-4098 / (65) 6326-4097
Fax: (65) 6509 0825
Mon to Fri : 9:00 to 18:00
Sat/Sun/PH : Close

Iomega Aluminium UltraMax & UltraMax Plus External Harddrive

And Their Respective Boxes

I am pretty interested in the Iomega UltraMax External Harddrive as it will be a great companion to my Mac in terms of design and I shall use it for my Time Machine backup.

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