CitiMobile iPhone App v2

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Citibank has updated its CitiMobile iPhone App to version 2 with a makeover!


Here are some of the new functions:

  • Improved search functions in Gourmet Pleasures
  • Improved search functions in Citi World Privileges
  • Search for shopping deals
  • Search for rebates
  • Get treats through e-coupons and you can redeem your discount coupons & vouchers instantly from your mobile phone
  • A settings page to let you configure your functions

Redeeming E-coupons

Location Services

Location services has been added to most functions:

  • Locate and shop/dine at the nearest merchant around your vicinity that allows you to redeem your Citi Rebate instantly with Citi Rebate
  • Finding Citibank Credit Card’s best dining offers using your phone’s GPS to search nearby, search by cuisine type or at nearest SMRT stations
  • Finding Citibank Credit Card’s best shopping offers using your phone’s GPS to search nearby or by category

App Store Link: CitiMobile iPhone App

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