I am a big fan of Crumpler and I got like 5 of their bags and 5 pouches. I have been eying on the remake of the Seedy One for a couple of months now and I finally got it last week. The retail price is S$169 but I got 10% discount for being a EpiCentre member. There is also a 10% discount if you are using DBS Live Fresh credit card as well. If you are using AMEX card, you also get a 10% discount but only at Orchard Ion’s branch. Paid S$152.10 for it after the discount.

I chose the black color and I think I took the last new piece in Singapore. When I went to the branch at Raffles City, they do not have a new piece and they help me called up other branches and only Wheelock have a piece left, so I went to Wheelock and got it. Thumbs up for the excellent service.

By the way, the Seedy One can fit a MacBook Pro 15″ (without any casing) and still have room for the charger and a small pouch to put your accessories. Initially when I went to the Ion branch, the staff told me that the Seedy One could not fit it a MacBook Pro 15″ and they ask me to go for the Seedy Three (S$189) instead. I find it too big for my liking and did not get it.

A few weeks later, I decided to bring my MacBook Pro 15″ to Raffles City branch instead. Before I took out my MacBook Pro, I asked the staff and she told me that they tested it with a MacBook Pro 15″ and it fits. So just to be sure, I took out my MacBook Pro and true to what the staff said it fits just fine! So I guess Raffles City staff are more knowledgeable.

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Front View (Open)