SingTel will start selling iPad 2 this Saturday, 14th May 2011. The subsidized iPad 2 will be offered in 2 different types of services: Mobile Broadband and Mobile Multi-SIM.

You can register your interest here before 12pm, tomorrow, 13th May 2011.

Mobile Broadband

Offer 7.2Mbps Mobile BroadBand with iPad 2 16GB 3G + Wi-Fi
Monthly Subscription S$40
iPad Model 16GB 3G + Wi-Fi at S$399
32GB 3G + Wi-Fi at S$499
64GB 3G + Wi-Fi at S$599
Free Local Bundled Data 50GB
Contractual Period 24 months
USB Modem (if required) S$5 per month
Value Added Services Wireless@SG, AMPed & De!ite
Data Cap Price S$94.16

More Information: Mobile Broadband


Mobile Multi-SIM

iPad 2 Model Price
16GB 3G + Wi-Fi S$818
32GB 3G + Wi-Fi S$948
64GB 3G + Wi-Fi S$1,078
Description Price (Inclusive of 7% GST)
One-time Charge of Multi-SIM card (1st set of 2 cards) S$32.10
One-time charge of subsequent card (3rd and 4th card) S$10.70 each card
Monthly subscription for 2 cards (one or more card is a MicroSIM) S$10.70
Monthly subscription for 3 cards (one or more card is a MicroSIM) S$21.40
Monthly subscription for 4 cards (one or more card is a MicroSIM) S$32.10

In summary, the subsidized rates for MultiSIM is S$30 cheaper than the retail price of iPad 2 but you have to be bonded by a 12-month contract. Also just to clarify, on the SingTel site it states “one card is a MicroSIM” but in actual fact you can have one or more MicroSIM for your MultiSIM plan and the charges remain the same as stated above.

More Information: Mobile Multi-SIM


iPad 2 Prices
Just for easier comparison, here are the prices of iPad 2 in Singapore.

iPad 2 Model Price
16GB 3G + Wi-Fi S$848
32GB 3G + Wi-Fi S$978
64GB 3G + Wi-Fi S$1,108

Official Site: SingTel iPad 2
Official Site: Apple iPad 2