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Huawei E5372 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Modem

I was using the Huawei MiFi E585 which I bought 4 years ago till the battery life decided to give up on me. The battery will go flat after about an hour of usage. On top of that I am spoilt with 4G because the 3G speed is way too slow in Singapore, due to bandwidth congestion.

I wanted to get a 4G mobile wi-fi modem last year but it was still pretty expensive, but this year it seems the prices has drop quite a bit. I bought the Huawei E5372 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Modem from a reseller (romz1983) in HardwareZone Forums for S$230. If you are interested in getting it, check out the forum thread, WTS: Great MIFI sale from $90 Huawei E589 E5776 E5331 E5220 E5151 ZTE MF60 Wifi Router. He offers other models as well.

Huawei E5372 - Box Front
Huawei E5372 – Box Front

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UOB Mobile iPhone App

UOB launched their mobile iPhone app (App Store: UOB Mobile Banking) yesterday.

Its differentiating factors from local banks’s iPhone app such as OCBC or DBS/POSB is the access to financial information (deposit/exchange rates, unit trust prices, gold/silver prices) and calculators for personal loans/home equity/financial services.

Mobile Cash

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Sapido MB-1132 (N+ Mobile Router)

Got the Sapido MB-1132 for NT$1,790 (~S$76.83). Thanks to my relative, Andy, who got it from Guang Hua Digital Plaza in Taiwan when he was there to attend Computex 2011.

The Sapido MB-1132 was recommended by Justin Lee and I was impressed by what it can do. In a nutshell, it can:

Box Front

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SingTel’s Priority Pass Mobile Broadband Service

Interesting service by SingTel. These days almost everyone is using an iPhone, Android or Blackberry and all the phones are connected to data services. Not forgetting those 3G USB dongles are connected to the same data network as well. If you paid only for mobile broadband, you are also sharing the same bandwidth with those who paid for mobile plans that comes with data services. But with Priority Pass, mobile broadband users get higher priority (in terms of speed & bandwidth) than mobile plan data services users.

Also, we can expect commercial LTE services from SingTel by the end of the year.

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Huawei MiFi E585

Bought the Huawei MiFi E585 for S$185 from Amos of Hardware Zone Forums. It is a mobile router that makes use of your SIM card to connect to the Internet and the router itself supports 5 devices simultaneously.

It is similar to any 3G Modems but instead of only allowing one device (normally only computer) to use it via USB port, the MiFi allows up to 5 devices as long as the device have WiFi support which most if not all of the smartphones these days do. The MiFi is essentially a mobile router and hence it is capable of basic router functions such as DMZ, DHCP, SSID configuration, etc. You can configure those options using the router’s web-based interface ( and the interface is mobile friendly as well. The E585 also comes with a MicroSD slot that you can use it as a shared storage for all the connected devices.

Box Front

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Mobile Phone Tripod Holder Review

Received the Mobile Phone Tripod Holder from Mobile Fun last month for review. The mobile phone tripod holder is useful when you want to take self-shot photos (there are timers in some phones) or even videos using your mobile phone.

When I first opened the package, I thought the quality of the tripod might be terrible and it is flimsy. Despite most of the parts being made in plastic, it is still pretty firm.

Packaging Front View

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