I can’t seem to find the data rates for unlimited usage on the SingTel 3G $15 hi!Card. It just says it has S$18 value instead of just S$15. It also states “Pay Per Use Data at discounted rate (50% off): 0.27¢ per kb (charged in blocks of 5kb)” which means it is expensive if you are going towards data usage.

That is not really true. SingTel has a 1GB plan which cost S$7 for a period of 7 days for prepaid card users. I think that is more than enough. I hardly use more than 1GB per month on my iPhone 4. You can find most of the optional Value Added Services (VAS) for prepaid plans here.

Here are some popular VAS charges for prepaid plans:

  • Free Incoming Calls – S$0.60 per day
  • MMS – S$0.11 per local MMS, S$0.20 per global MMS
  • Data Plan – S$1 for 10MB over 7 days, S$7 for 1GB over 7 Days

Now, if only SingTel offer MicroSIM prepaid card.

SingTel: Prepaid Plans
SingTel: Prepaid Plans VAS