My cable Internet contract is expiring and I will be switching over to Fibre Internet before 24th August 2011. As I do not have a Fibre Termination Point (TP) in my room, I can’t place the gateway in my room and hence I have to move it to the living room where the TP is located. In order to facilitate the move to Fibre Internet, I got the Belkin Home Series 4-Socket Surge Protector for S$25 from the PC Show 2011.

I am a strong believer of surge protection after my previous cable modem got fried. All my 24/7 switched-on devices like my modem, switches, router and NAS goes though Belkin Surge Protector. Since there are only 4 sockets (which is just nice for me) to fit 1x Switch, 1x Router, 1x Home Gateway and 1x NAS.

Box Front View

4-Socket Surge Protector

Fitting Into My Bluelounge Cable Box