Always wanted to get the Sanyo Eneloop Glitter AA Battery because it just looks so nice!

Luckily for me, the PR agency of Sanyo Eneloop sent that to me for me to feature it on my blog after seeing I am such a Sanyo Eneloop fan as I have a featured section on Sanyo Eneloop!

Anyway back to Sanyo Eneloop Glitter AA Battery, each AA battery has a capacity of 1,900mAh and all of them are Made In Japan.

It takes me about 2 hours to fully charged all 4 of them at once instead of the usual 4 hours as I am guessing the battery is already half full. Sanyo Eneloop batteries can hold the charge really well, I have some batteries that I have fully charged and I left it there for about 6 months and the battery is still full (tested with battery tester).

There are 8 glittering AA batteries in the Eneloop Glitter pack and the colors are purple, pink, orange, yellow, light green, light blue, silver and black. They are currently being sold at Meidi-Ya Supermarket, Best Denki, Selffix D.I.Y, Sprint-Cass, and other electronic stores for S$49.90.


  • Product Description: 8-color AA-size, Nickel-Metal Hydride, Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Product Name: Eneloop glitter
  • Product Number: 8HR-3UTGA-SECP-GL
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.2v
  • Rating Capacity (Min.): 1900mAh
  • Dimensions: 14.35mm(diameter) x 50.4mm(height)
  • Battery Weight: 27g / unit
  • Package Dimensions: 160mm(W) x 17mm(D) x 75mm(H)
Packaging Front
Packaging Front
Packaging Back
Packaging Back
8 Glittering AA Batteries
8 Glittering AA Batteries