NanoSIM Cutter

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2 years ago I bought the MicroSIM Cutter and this time round I am buying the NanoSIM Cutter also from Deal Extreme. Both the previous MicroSIM Cutter and this NanoSIM Cutter are made by NOOSY.

It cost US$6.60 (S$8) which free shipping to Singapore. Ordered on the 6th November 2012 and I got it on the 28th November 2012.

The package includes

  • 1x NanoSIM Cutter
  • 1x Nano SIM to Micro SIM adapter
  • 1x Nano SIM to normal SIM adapter
  • 1x Micro SIM to normal SIM adapter

NanoSIM Cutter - Box
NanoSIM Cutter – Box

NanoSIM Cutter - Box Contents
NanoSIM Cutter – Box Contents

NanoSIM Cutter - Adapters
NanoSIM Cutter – Adapters

NanoSIM Cutter
NanoSIM Cutter

SIM Card In NanoSIM Cutter
SIM Card In NanoSIM Cutter

After Cutting
After Cutting

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  • dejiki

    Have you tried cutting micro-SIM to nano-SIM with this? Seems like the cutter’s slot is sort of made for mini-SIM only?

  • Wong Hong Jun

    Hmm.. I thought there are reviews saying that nano sim is thinner so cannot just cut?

  • Lester Chan

    The specs say it is thinner but for iPhone 5, they accept normal thickness

  • Lester Chan

    Nope, I can’t find any cutter that cuts from MicroSIM, it is always from normal-sized SIM

  • qureyoon

    The after cut looks really bad >.< does the sim still function properly?

  • Liaw Kim Poh

    from the product page, it says “Used to cut the Standard SIM card or Micro SIM card into the Nano SIM size”. I guess you can try put your micro sim card into the normal sim card adapter, then cut into nano sim card

  • Lester Chan

    Yeap, you have to use the adapter, that is what it meant, a bit misleading for me when I first got it.

  • Benjamin Eng

    Eh? It actually cuts through the “gold” part of the SIM itself? :O

  • Lester Chan

    I did not test it as I don’t have a functional normal SIM card. The SIM you saw is a deactivated SIM, I need to find a guinea pig for this, if not it is S$30 bucks =(

  • Lester Chan

    For MicroSIM cut from a older Normal SIM, it is the same thing, it cuts through the metal piece

  • Bruce

    I ordered on 15 Feb 2013, and received it only on 5 Mar 2013. Instead of Nossy, I received a ” I-Ever” Nano Sim Cutter, although it come with 3 noosy sim adapter…Btw, Metal Adapter for Micro SIM is NOT included.