was the 10th Kickstarter project that I backed and the one that got delayed the longest! I backed the project on 15th May 2012, got funded on the 8th June 2012 and was supposed to ship in September 2012. But unfortunately due to delays after delays, I finally got it almost a year later on 1st August 2013.

I kinda regretted backing this. Paid US$55 (S$70) which includes free worldwide shipping for 3x limb.als + 2x accessories (2m meter female USB extension cord or USB car charger). I chose 2x Micro USB limb.als and 1x Apple 30-pin For the accessories, I chose 2x 2m meter female USB extension cord, but when I received it, I only got 1. If you look at the comments left behind by other Kickstarter members, they are basically condemning it.

There are some Kickstarter members that backed the Lightning version of this and I doubt they will be getting it any time soon or even getting it at all. is supposed to be a strong USB cable able to hold your phone upright when plugged into your computer. It holds up my iPhone 5 well (using the 30-pin to lightning adapter), but for my HTC One, the weight of the phone is simply too heavy for the to take on.

Overall, it is not that bad a product but unfortunately because of the delays, it causes lots of knock-offs to be available in the market (like eBay) selling at one-fifth of the price of the Now, I just need to find a practical use for it. - Package Contents – Package Contents - White Micro USB – White Micro USB - White Apple 30-pin – White Apple 30-pin - Black Micro USB – Black Micro USB - USB End – USB End - Micro USB End – Micro USB End - Apple 30-pin End – Apple 30-pin End - Body – Body - Holding iPhone 5 Up – Holding iPhone 5 Up