Been almost 9 months since I did an upgrade to this site, so I guess it is time for me to post a site update. Most of it is about optimising the site so that it performs faster and better.

This site now has a performance score of 90 out of 100 for Pingdom’s Website Speed Test! Pingdom Website Speed Test Results Pingdom Website Speed Test Results

Bootstrap 3.0
One of the most tedious but hardly noticeable task was to upgrade Bootstrap 2.3.2 to Bootstrap 3.0.

Search Autocomplete
Added search autocomplete for the search form at the top, powered by Twitter typeahead.js. Autocomplete Autocomplete

My host, Vodien, just became a reseller of EdgeCast which is also a CDN and hence I will be using it side-by-side with MaxCDN. I am randomising it right now between the two.

I also just bought a new domain name and I will be using it as the CDN domain. The reason for a new domain name is because of Cookie-free Domains.

When the browser makes a request for a static image and sends cookies together with the request, the server doesn’t have any use for those cookies. So they only create network traffic for no good reason. You should make sure static components are requested with cookie-free requests. Create a subdomain and host all your static components there.

Something not visible but related to static assets, copied HTML5 Boilerplate’s .htaccess over to my own for better headers on static assets.

I also added DNS prefetch headers to the site’s header HTML for almost all the static URLS that I used.
I am now using Pingdom instead of WatchMouse for Public Status Page. You can check the status of at or via @lcstatus on Twitter.

Added a new page called,’s Changelog, which displays the commits I made to the Bitbucket repository of this site.