I launched lesterchan.net v3.0 on the 5th June 2008. More than 4 years later, it is time for a change in design/layout. I decided to go back to the light color theme because it is easier to match colors and icons.

Welcome to lesterchan.net v4.0. It is built using Boostrap with icons from Fatcow and the new logo is done by Li Xiang. Because it is built using Bootstrap, lesterchan.net now incorporates responsive design.


  • Currently using WordPress 3.5
  • Build using Boostrap
  • Icons from Fatcow
  • Logo by Li Xiang
  • Background pattern from Subtle Patterns
  • Code hosted in a private repository with Bitbucket
  • Custom build script using YUI Compressor to minify CSS, Closure Compiler to minify Javascript and cat to concatenate them
  • Responsive Design replaces a separate mobile theme
  • Facebook & Twitter APIs used for pulling statistics
  • Removed “Playlist” from “About”
  • Removed “Secondary”, “Polytechnic”, “Family” & “Miscellaneous” from “Gallery”