Newegg is coming to Singapore alongside to other countries like India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland by end of June 2014. Currently it is only in four countries (US, Canada, UK and Australia).


For the unaware, Newegg is one of the largest online retailer of computer hardware and software that is based in California, United States.

Because it is pretty strict about it’s buying and shipping policy from the US, I only managed to get one item from Newegg, which is the Kingston HyperX SSD 120GB. At that time I paid about S$220 for it including shipping and the exact same SSD in Singapore is selling for S$321.

If Newegg manages to keep its prices so low even when in Singapore, we can pretty much say good bye to Sim Lim Square (Sim Lim Square is the place to get computer hardware in Singapore).

Source: Online retailer Newegg to expand to six more countries by end of June