Today marks the global launch of the X-mini CLEAR and it will be available in retail stores for S$299 or you can get it online at X-mini Online Store.


  • Custom 2.1 Audio System with 70mm active subwoofer delivering crisp low frequency reproduction
  • Signature Ceramic Drivers creates clearer and cleaner mid and high frequencies through 40mm Ceramic Drivers
  • Clear Back Design with 3-mode Mood Lighting aesthetics designed to accompany quality audio experience
  • Bluetooth & NFC enabled for One-touch seamless Wireless Connectivity of up to 10m
  • Noise-cancelling Microphone to filter background disturbances for phone calls
  • Smartphone Charging Capabilities with high-capacity 6600mAh Li-ion battery

I love the packaging design, it is unique and showcase the clear casing of the X-mini CLEAR well.

X-mini CLEAR - Box
X-mini CLEAR – Box
X-mini CLEAR - Box Front
X-mini CLEAR – Box Front
X-mini CLEAR - Box Back
X-mini CLEAR – Box Back
X-mini CLEAR - Box Side
X-mini CLEAR – Box Side
X-mini CLEAR - Box Open
X-mini CLEAR – Box Open

X-mini CLEAR Specifications

  • Dimensions : 218mm x 89.5mm x112mm
  • Net Weight : 920g
  • Speaker : Magnetically Shielded 40mm (3.3ω) x 2
  • Subwoofer : Magnetically Shielded 70mm (4.0 ω)
  • Loudspeaker Output : 20W
  • Frequency Response : 40Hz – 20 kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise : ≥ 89dB
  • Distortion : ≤ 1.0%
  • Playback Time : Up to 10 Hours
  • Battery Capacity : 6600mAh
  • Battery Charging Voltage : 15V (Adaptor)
  • Battery Charge Time : Minimum of 3 hours

X-mini CLEAR Bluetooth specifications

  • Operating Frequency Range : 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
  • Wireless Range : Up to 10m (33ft)
  • Bluetooth Compliant : v3.0
  • Bluetooth Profile Support : A2DP Stereo, AVRCP v1.0, HFP v1.5
  • Bluetooth Playback Time : Up to 6 hours
  • Talk Time : Up to 12 hours
  • Microphone Directivity : Omnidirectional
  • Microphone Sensitivity : -42db

Setting Up

Before first use, it is recommended in the instruction booklet to charge for at least 8 hours. I didn’t really follow it because they are some battery left in the built-in 6,600mAh battery.

X-mini CLEAR - Box Contents
X-mini CLEAR – Box Contents

The faceplate of the X-mini CLEAR is magnetically attached to the X-mini CLEAR. I think the magnets are located around the faceplate and at the X-mini logo.

X-mini CLEAR - Front
X-mini CLEAR – Front

At the back there are three ports and a button. The two on the left are power and USB port. Obviously, the power port is for charging the built-in 6,600mAh battery. The USB port is there so that you can use the battery of the X-mini CLEAR to charge your mobile device. It is capable of outputting 1A. The button on the right is the reset button and the port beside it is the audio-in port.

X-mini CLEAR - Back
X-mini CLEAR – Back
X-mini CLEAR - Bottom
X-mini CLEAR – Bottom
X-mini CLEAR - Top
X-mini CLEAR – Top
X-mini CLEAR
X-mini CLEAR
X-mini CLEAR - On Beside Table
X-mini CLEAR – On Beside Table

There are nine touch controls/indicators on the device (from the left)

  • Microphone
  • Power
  • Previous Track
  • Play/Pause/Answer Call
  • Next Track
  • Volume Down
  • Volume Up
  • Mood Night Mode, Bluetooth, AUX
  • NFC
X-mini CLEAR - Controls
X-mini CLEAR – Controls
X-mini CLEAR - With iPhone 6 Plus
X-mini CLEAR – With iPhone 6 Plus

If you are using an iPhone, you have to pair it manually via Bluetooth as shown below. However, if you are on an Android device with NFC, you can basically tap on the NFC logo located at the top of the X-mini CLEAR to pair it. The X-mini CLEAR supports only one Bluetooth connection at a time (not multipoint). Hence, if you are streaming music from your iPhone to X-mini CLEAR and if you try to pair other phones to the X-mini CLEAR, it will fail.

X-mini CLEAR - iPhone 6 Plus Bluetooth
X-mini CLEAR – iPhone 6 Plus Bluetooth

Mood Lights
There are two types of mood lights available. The first one basically synchronise with your music which is my personal favourite and the second one basically just fades to different light colors. If you are not interested in the mood lights, you can turn it off as well. To toggle between the two mood lights and switching it off, just press and hold the “Mood Night Mode, Bluetooth, AUX” for two seconds.

The Instagram video shown below is the first mood light.

I can totally see myself playing techno songs on the X-mini CLEAR with mood lights during BBQ sessions.


Audio Quality
I am not really an audiophile, but the music coming out from the X-mini CLEAR seems muffled to me. Like all X-mini products, the X-mini CLEAR is loud and has pretty strong bass which I like. One weird oddity that I encountered when playing songs using my Nexus 5 via Play Music is that at max volume on the phone, there are lots of static noise coming out from the X-mini CLEAR. However, on my iPhone 6 Plus, it is totally fine.

I am in front of the computer everyday and hence I might be under-utilising the X-mini CLEAR and besides I prefer the convenience of my computer speakers. Though the X-mini CLEAR is good for outdoor use like a party of a BBQ session, I seldom go for those as well.

My dad seldom use the computer and his only gadgets are his iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air. He listens to radio at home everyday using the MeRadio iOS App on his iPhone 5 using the built-in speaker. I paired his iPhone 5 with the X-Mini CLEAR and briefly taught him how to use it and the next day, he is using it in the kitchen all by himself. His feedback to me was the X-Mini CLEAR is loud and good!

I don’t get to keep this review unit but I might get the X-Mini CLEAR for my Dad!