Magnat Board as the name cleverly implies, is a magnet board that allows you to neatly organise all your magnetic things in your bag. It is similar to Cocoon Grid-It except that it uses magnet.

It measures 33.02 x 20.32 x 1.27 (cm) and weighs 500g. It comes in six colors (green, grey, orange, purple, rose and turquoise) and is retailing for US$53.90 (S$71).

Magnat Board - Packaging Front
Magnat Board – Packaging Front
Magnat Board - Packaging Back
Magnat Board – Packaging Back
Magnat Board - Front
Magnat Board – Front
Magnat Board - Back
Magnat Board – Back

At first when I received the item, I am afraid that the magnetic properties of the board will damage some of my gadgets. After reading the FAQ, it seems safe. I just have to keep conventional hard drives away from the Magnat Board.

Q: What type of gadgets can be used with Magnat carrier?
A: Any item can be used safely in our carrier! In the category of electronic gadgets, any device (smartphone tablet, e-reader, etc) with a solid state drive or flash memory will stay safe.

Q: Will the Magnat carrier damage my gadgets?
A: NO. Any smartphone, tablet, e-reader or other approved device with a solid state drive or flash memory will not be damaged by our magnet technology! Older iPods and other devices with conventional hard drives should NOT be used with the Magnat system as the magnet could damage these devices!

The magnetic strength of the board is pretty strong, attaching cables and USB flash drives on it did not fall out when it is in a vertical position.

Magnat Board
Magnat Board
Magnat Board - With Things
Magnat Board – With Things

The only downside is that the Magnat Board is heavy, adding 500g to the weight of my bag is pretty much a no-no for me. I would rather stick (no pun intended) with the Cocoon Grid-It.

I will probably use the Magnat Board on my desk instead, treating it like a notice board as well as grouping all the magnetic things on my desk together.

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