Acronis True Image Cloud
Acronis True Image Unlimited is now known as Acronis True Image Cloud and it now supports multiple devices and mobile devices. This means you can backup your Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows devices using the Acronis True Image App on the respective platforms.

  • Protect all devices – PCs, Macs and newly expanded support for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices, and Windows tablets, extends protection to the world’s most popular computers, laptops, and mobile devices in use today.
  • Manage multiple device backups in one place – new online dashboard is an easy-to-use management console that allows a single user to manage the backup and recovery of multiple devices from one place – with the ability to access it from any device and location via a web browser.
  • Store and archive data in the cloud– unlimited cloud space and the new personal archiving capability for moving large and rarely used files to the secure Acronis Cloud makes sure that users never run out of storage, while freeing-up hard drives to keep computers running smoothly. Users can access and view archived files from any device and can archive data by type and size.
Acronis True Image Cloud - Backing Up
Acronis True Image Cloud – Backing Up
Acronis True Image Cloud - Archive
Acronis True Image Cloud – Archive
Acronis True Image iOS App - MenuAcronis True Image iOS App - Backing Up
Acronis True Image iOS App – Backing Up

Acronis True Image 2016
Acronis True Image 2015 has been replaced by Acronis True Image 2016 and it now does only local backup and recovery, making it a clear separation with Acronis True Image Cloud. One of the major new feature of True Image 2016 is the “try & decide”. This feature provides you a controlled, temporary environment to safely test new software, drivers, and system configurations.

Acronis True Image 2016
Acronis True Image 2016

Acronis AnyData Engine
Both Acronis True Image Cloud and Acronis True Image 2016 are powered by Acronis AnyData Engine which gives you the following features:

  • Speed – Saves time with the fastest backup and restore in the industry both locally and in the cloud – up to 50% faster than the competition.
  • Safety, security, privacy – Ensures that data is always secure with a user-defined private key that uses AES-256 encryption and secure communication channels, securing data in transit and in the cloud. Only the owner of data can access and manage data protected in the Acronis Cloud, using a password.
  • Flexible storage options – Backup data to multiple sources and destinations, including a local drive, external drive, local or remote network, and the Acronis Cloud, as well as 3rd party cloud storage destinations available through local file system integration. Different backup plans may be setup for full system backup, specific files and/or folders.
  • Optimized for Windows 10 and the most recent Mac OS X operating systems – Always stay up to date and compatible with the latest operating systems. Also includes support for Master Boot Record (MBR) and GUID Partition Table (GPT), BIOS and Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), and WIMBoot.
  • Real-time release updates – Get the latest technology updates with a cloud subscription model that ensures users get immediate access to every new release.


Product Computers/Devices Upgrade Prices (S$) New Prices (S$)
Acronis True Image Cloud 1 computer and 3 devices S$99.99/year S$139.99/year
Acronis True Image Cloud 3 computers and 10 devices S$179.99/year S$214.99/year
Acronis True Image Cloud 5 computers and 15 devices S$219.99/year S$269.99/year
Acronis True Image 2016 1 computer S$39.99 S$69.99
Acronis True Image 2016 3 computers S$79.99 S$109.99
Acronis True Image 2016 5 computers S$109.99 S$139.99

After my review on Acronis True Image Unlimited, I am glad that Acronis is fixing all those issues that I brought up!

Firstly, they simplified their True Image products. It is now less confusing for the consumers.

Now there is also one easy URL to remember to access your backup data which is

Personally, I do backups but I don’t restore my devices from backups because I always like a fresh new start. There is no harm in always backing up your data as there is no such thing as too much backup.

Acronis True Image - Backup Done
Acronis True Image – Backup Done