The Acronis True Image Cloud & True Image 2016 was launched more than three months ago and last week, Acronis released a major update to them featuring these five new features.

  • Full Image Backup – provides block-level copying of data that allows users to create an exact replica of computer hard disks. Users have a choice to back-up only specific folders or make a complete replica of a disk.
  • Universal Restore – allows users to restore a full image backup to new PCs or Mac computers, including to dissimilar hardware, and migrate the complete operating system, applications and data over to the new disk or new computer.
  • Rapid Upload – balances network resource consumption to ensure maximum utilization of available network bandwidth for fast backup upload of data, without disrupting the user’s current work and experience.
  • Try & Decide – provides a controlled, temporary environment to safely test new software, drivers, and system configurations with an ability to safely roll-back to a stable, previous system configuration in the event of technical and performance issues, or security threats like a virus or malware.
  • Clone Disk – creates an exact replica of a disk drive, which is useful for a complete migration of data from one drive to another, and for making multiple disk drive replicas of the same content.

The updates are based on input from customers who told Acronis that the two most common data protection problems that families face today are damaged or lost devices, and running out of disk space on their devices.

Prices still renames the same, but Acronis is having a holidays discount of up to S$70 for True Image Cloud and up S$45 for True Image 2016. Prices listed below are after the discount.

Product Computers/Devices Upgrade Prices (S$) New Prices (S$)
Acronis True Image Cloud 1 computer and 3 devices S$69.99/year S$94.99/year
Acronis True Image Cloud 3 computers and 10 devices S$124.99/year S$159.99/year
Acronis True Image Cloud 5 computers and 15 devices S$154.99/year S$199.99/year
Acronis True Image 2016 1 computer S$39.99 S$69.99
Acronis True Image 2016 3 computers S$49.99 S$79.99
Acronis True Image 2016 5 computers S$79.99 S$94.99

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