There are tons and tons of Fidget Spinners in the market. I am sure the source is all the same in some factory in China. The companies just order in bulk and just add their brand logo to it.

I have been reading through the subreddit, /r/FidgetSpinners, on fidget spinners and there are a couple of sites they recommend, Fast Tech, Fidget HQ and Fidget LA.

My budget is about US$20 (S$28), inclusive of shipping and I am looking for a metal fidget spinner instead of the usual plastic one.

Both Fidget HQ and Fidget LA are on the pricier side, and they do charge for shipping outside of US. Fast Tech is the cheapest, and they offer free worldwide shipping.

I bought the EDC Hand Fidget Tri-Spinner Focus Toy for US$16.19 (S$23) and shipping to Singapore is free. It took about a month to reach me. I ordered on 3rd June 2017, it got shipped the next day, and I received it on 21st June 2017.

The fidget spinner that I bought is made of stainless steel and uses R188 stainless steel bearings. It is a tri-bar design and weighs 60g.

In case you are wondering, many fidget spinners have the acronym EDC in front of them, and that stands for Every Day Carry.

There are other types of bearings like 606, 608 and 688. The main difference between them is the size.

The bearings can be made up of different materials like ceramic, steel/metal, plastic or even hybrid.

If you are interested to know more, you can read this thread, Introduction to Bearings on /r/FidgetSpinners.

Fidget Tri-Spinner - Container
Fidget Tri-Spinner – Container
Fidget Tri-Spinner - Container Open
Fidget Tri-Spinner – Container Open
Fidget Tri-Spinner
Fidget Tri-Spinner
Fidget Tri-Spinner
Fidget Tri-Spinner