Passport is the world’s first fail-safe global travel adapter created by Zendure.

The project which started on Kickstarter on 26th June 2017 has raised a total of US$217,053 out of their initial goal of US$30,000 from 4,887 backers.

It was successfully funded on 26th July 2017, and it got shipped to me on 22nd November 2017, and I received it on 29th November 2017.

What makes Passport unique is the auto-resetting fuse. If you bring a travel adapter overseas and the fuse blows, your travel adapter will become useless. With Passport, the fuse will auto resets itself and you can continue using it again.

Passport can accept type A, B, C, E, F, G, I, J, K, L, and N plugs which makes it compatible with 150 countries worldwide.

It comes with 4 USB ports and can deliver up to a maximum of 2.4A/12W per port with a combined output of 5A/25W.

Passport measures 57mm x 72mm x 64mm and weighs 169g.

I backed the Kickstarter Intro reward level for US$35 (S$37) and shipping is free to Singapore. The recommended retail price of Passport will be US$49 (S$66) after the Kickstarter launch.

Passport - Box Front
Passport – Box Front
Passport - Box Back
Passport – Box Back
Passport - Box
Passport – Box
Passport - Box Open
Passport – Box Open
Passport - Box Contents
Passport – Box Contents
Passport - Manual, Stickers, Warranty Card, Review Card
Passport – Manual, Stickers, Warranty Card, Review Card
Passport - Top
Passport – Top
Passport - Bottom
Passport – Bottom
Passport - Front
Passport – Front
Passport - Right
Passport – Right
Passport - Plug Out
Passport – Plug Out

Sliding out the respective plug adapter is smooth, and there is no squeaky sound.


The whole build of Passport is fantastic. It is solid and doesn’t produce any squeaky sound. It doesn’t feel like those cheap travel adapters you always buy.

At S$37 and with four USB ports, it will give SKROSS a run for their money.