I am a huge fan of Zendure Passport travel adapters, and they are a must bring for me for my overseas trips. I have the original Passport, Passport Pro, and Passport Go.

I only didn’t get the Passport II Pro as it was launched during the COVID-19 period and I am unsure when I will travel again.

Luckily, I waited out, and Zendure launched the Passport III on Kickstarter in February 2022. I backed it without much hesitation.

Passport III - Box Front
Passport III – Box Front
Passport III - Box Back
Passport III – Box Back
Passport III - Box
Passport III – Box

My pledge is for the Passport III Super Early Bird, for which I paid US$35 (S$49) and an additional US$15 (S$21) for shipping to Singapore.

Passport III was successfully funded on 17th March 2022 after raising a total of US$492,896 from 7,296 backers. Two months later, I received Passport III on 10th May 2022. Their production and shipping speed is incredible.

Passport III - Box Contents
Passport III – Box Contents

Three colors are available, Blue, Purple, and Iron. I chose Blue.

Passport III - Top
Passport III – Top

The whole casing is transparent, which is unique and nice.

Passport III - Bottom
Passport III – Bottom

Passport III is a 5-port travel adapter charger with four USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The total maximum output of the charger is 65W. One USB-A port and three USB-C ports are in front.

Passport III - Front
Passport III – Front

The remaining USB-C port is on the right side.

Passport III - Right
Passport III – Right

On the left are the sliders to slide out the different connectors for different power outlet types.

Passport III - Left
Passport III – Left

I highly recommend Passport III if you are traveling because you don’t need to bring a separate travel adapter and a multi-port USB charger.

Passport III
Passport III