*UPDATE* 12th October 2020 This is a review of the older ErgoTune 2019. See here for the review of the new ErgoTune Supreme 2020.

*UPDATE* 30th March 2022 There is an updated version of ErgoTune Supreme 2020 which is the ErgoTune Supreme V3 (2022).

After releasing AmpDesk Standing Desk and Freedom Monitor Arm, ErgoEdge is back with a new product, and as you might guess it, it is an ergonomic chair.

ErgoTune is an ergonomic chair from ErgoEdge that comes with complete back support, headrest, fully adjustable armrest, and Self Adjusting Lumbar Support (SALS).

Retailing at only S$599, it makes it one of the more value for money ergonomic chairs in Singapore.

Delivery is free within Singapore with some exception such as no lift access or delivery to special Singapore islands.

ErgoTune is available in two colors, Red and Black. The color difference only applies to the mesh area which includes the headrest, backrest, and the seat.

I was sponsored the ErgoTune which retails for S$599 and I chose Black.

The chair comes in seven separate pieces, and the delivery guy will fix it up for you outside your house before bringing it in. Installation takes about ten minutes.

ErgoTune - Box
ErgoTune – Box
ErgoTune - Base
ErgoTune – Base
ErgoTune - Screws & Allen Key
ErgoTune – Screws & Allen Key
ErgoTune - Setting Up
ErgoTune – Setting Up

Similar to my existing Herman Miller Aeron Chair, almost all aspects of the chair can be adjusted.

If you like specifics, here are the range of adjustable dimensions (cm) of the ErgoTune:

  • Headrest Height: 16 to 21
  • Backrest Height: 59 to 66
  • Seat Height: 45 to 54
  • Seat Depth: 42.5 to 48.5
  • Armrest Height: 23 to 33
  • Armrest Width: 63 to 66

Overall, the chair measures 108 to 117 (cm) in height, 70.5 to 72.5 (cm) in depth and 63 to 66 (cm) in width.

ErgoTune - Front
ErgoTune – Front
ErgoTune - Back
ErgoTune – Back

Fully Adjustable Armrest
ErgoTune features something called the 4D armrests which means it is fully adjustable.

You can adjust the height, move left, right, forward or backward as well as rotating the armrests.

Self Adjusting Lumbar Support (SALS)
The main selling point (besides the price) is the Self Adjusting Lumbar Support or in short, SALS.

When you are seated, there will be a gap between your lower portion of your spine and the chair.

The lower portion of your spine is called the lumbar spine. It curves naturally inwards towards your stomach.

To promote good seating postures, most ergonomic chairs provide support for the lumbar spine.

The lumbar support on the ErgoTune is spring based, and hence it will automatically adjust itself to your lumbar spine.

ErgoTune - Closeup
ErgoTune – Closeup

Almost all aspects of the chair are adjustable. Main controls are at the bottom on both the left and right of the seat.

On the left controls the seat depth and tilt lock.

ErgoTune - Left Controls
ErgoTune – Left Controls

On the right controls the seat height and tilt tension.

ErgoTune - Right Controls
ErgoTune – Right Controls

The height of the armrest and backrest are adjusted by pulling it up slowly. Once it reaches the maximum, it will be reset and goes back down.

ErgoTune - Side
ErgoTune – Side

The build of the chair is acceptable. But given the reasonable price point, most of the parts of the chair are made of plastic, and hence it doesn’t have a premium feel to it.

The main selling point of the chair is of course SALS. With SALS, I find myself sitting with the correct posture most of the time.

ErgoTune - Seated
ErgoTune – Seated

When you lean your back against the backrest, you will feel the pressure of the SALS pushing against your lumbar spine. It makes it very comfortable and that sort of forces you to sit with the correct posture; sitting all the way back with your back leaning against the backrest.

ErgoTune - Seated - SALS
ErgoTune – Seated – SALS

I am not a fan of the chair mesh. I find the surface a little sticky and rough. Maybe because I am with shorts and not wearing a shirt. And hence, most of my skin is touching against the mesh. If you are using the chair in an office environment where you will be fully clothed, this should not be an issue.

ErgoTune - Seat Mesh
ErgoTune – Seat Mesh

Not really a unique feature to just ErgoTune, but a headrest does make a difference especially when your back is leaning against the tilted backrest and there is something to support your head.

ErgoTune - Seated - Headrest
ErgoTune – Seated – Headrest

I have been using computer chairs without a headrest for the longest time and just realized what I have been missing out.

ErgoTune - Seated - Headrest
ErgoTune – Seated – Headrest

Usually, I would only rest my elbows on the armrest, and as a personal preference, I wish the armest on ErgoTune can be softer.

ErgoTune - Armrest
ErgoTune – Armrest

Discount Code
If you are interested in getting the ErgoTune, you can use the discount code LESTER58 when checking out from ErgoEdge, and that will give you a S$58 discount. The discount code is valid until Friday, 31st May 2019.

The ErgoTune can be purchased directly at ErgoEdge website or if you have any queries, feel free to contact them:

Email: sales@ergoedge.co
Telephone: +65 3158 0156
Address: 110 Lor 23 Geylang, #07-09 Victory Centre, Singapore 388410

ErgoTune - Wheel Out
ErgoTune – Wheel Out
ErgoTune - Tucked In
ErgoTune – Tucked In