Purchasing Decisions
Before getting an Omnidesk, I was using a S$60 table purchased from Taobao, which surprisingly valued for money since I used it without any issues for three years. One of the major factors that spurred me into looking at a height-adjustable table was to have a better posture as I have to be in front of my monitors for an extended period. This is especially critical in this COVID-19 pandemic since I have to work from home (WFH) for the rest of this year.

Omnidesk was my top pick, as I have heard excellent reviews from my peers that are currently using it. Initially, I was guessing that Omnidesk actually OEM their table and insert their brand name on it, but after clarification with Omnidesk, it turns out that they do not OEM their tables. Omnidesk designs the specifications of their desks while working with a reputable manufacturer to ensure that these desks are built according to the required specifications right down to the wire. This was a major plus point to me as I am not just paying for the brand name of Omnidesk but also the design, quality, and R&D of the desks.

The refreshed of the Omnidesk Pro 2018 to Omnidesk Pro 2020 was also an icing on the cake for me to finalize my decision to go with Omnidesk.

The main improvements for Omnidesk Pro 2020 are (source: Omnidesk Pro 2020 Features):

  • Improved Stability: 50% reduction in lateral movement
  • Increased Speed: 40% Increase in movement speed
  • Controller Dimmer: Dims after 10 seconds
  • Desk Feet Redesign: Better balanced frame and overall stability
  • Anti-collision 2.0: Adjustable ultra-sensitive anti-collision mechanism
  • Cable Management Tray: Extendable cable management tray that covers all tabletop size
  • Improved Aesthetics: Powder coating on desk frames has been reformulated to increase durability

Omnidesk sponsored me the Omnidesk Pro 2020 with specifications, as listed below.

Item Price Category
Omnidesk Pro 2020 S$760 Essential
Table Top – Flat Edge – Large – Black S$50 Essential
Table Leg – Black 2020 S$0 Essential
Cable Management Bar S$0 (Promo) Add-on
Prism ARC Stealth Dual S$139 Add-on
Mounted Powerbar S$30 Add-on
Power Clamp S$99 Add-on
Onsite Assembly S$80 Add-on
Warranty – 5 Years S$0 (Promo) Add-on
Total S$1,158

Purchasing Process
The order was made 24th June 2020, and the installation/delivery date was set on 16th July 2020. The delivery date could have been sooner, but unfortunately, one of the items (Power Clamp) was out of stock and will only arrive on 11th July 2020. To avoid the hassle of multiple delivery trips, I decided to wait till all the items are available before having it delivered to me. As such, the next best date that was suitable for me was on 16th July 2020.

When you land on theomnidesk.com, you will be presented with two choices of Omnidesk Pro 2020. The Wild Wood collection starts from S$1,059 while the standard collection starts from S$760.

theomnidesk.com - Purchase - Step #1
theomnidesk.com – Purchase – Step #1

After choosing the standard collection, you will need to select the color of your desk frame, the size of your tabletop, the tabletop type, and the tabletop finishing.

For the desk’s frame, you can choose from two colors, black or white. For the Pro 2020 model, the desk frame’s feet have been redesigned for better stability by tweaking the center of gravity of the desk.

Three sizes are available for the tabletop, small (48″ x 30″), large (60″ x 30″), and Extra Large (72″ x 30″). For all three sizes, the width remains the same at 30″, while the thickness remains the same at 0.7″. I choose Large.

theomnidesk.com - Purchase - Step #2
theomnidesk.com – Purchase – Step #2

You can choose from three types of tabletop: straight edge, ergo curve, and bamboo ergo curve. I opted for a straight edge because I am not a fan of curved things like monitors, television, and tabletop. For curve displays and tables, to get the best experience out of it, you have to sit in the middle. For tables, you don’t exactly sit in the middle, sometimes you will move to the side to do work and if there is a curve cut-out that may be uncomfortable. Also, straight edge tables will match the overall furniture in your house as they tend to have straight edges as well.

Lastly, for tabletop finishing, you can choose from either black or white micro-textured powder coat. At first, when I saw the price +S$50, I thought there is an additional S$50 for powder coating. But actually, it is just the price difference from the small tabletop size to the Large tabletop size.

theomnidesk.com - Purchase - Step #3
theomnidesk.com – Purchase – Step #3

For accessories, I chose the Prism Arc Stealth Double (S$139), Mounted Powerbar (S$30), and Power Clamp (S$99). The power clamp is out of stock now.

I wish they offer more monitor arms choices like maybe Prism Vantage Dual or Vantage Triple. I like the Prism Vantage because it is no-frills monitor arm that doesn’t come with any USB hub and hence no additional wires.

The Mounted Powerbar is a PowerPac 6-socket 3 meter extension that comes with two mounting holes for you to screw it to the desk.

I would recommend getting the Power Clamp because it gives you three sockets, two USB ports, a 3-port USB Hub, and an HDMI passthrough for your convenience at the top of the table.

There is an ongoing promotion right now where Omnidesk will throw in a free Cable Management Bar worth S$79 when you purchase any Omnidesk Pro 2020.

theomnidesk.com - Purchase - Step #4
theomnidesk.com – Purchase – Step #4

Delivery is free, but I opted for an onsite assembly for an additional S$80 because I don’t like the hassle of doing the setup. I rather let the experts do it.

By default, Omnidesk comes with a three years warranty. You can redeem an additional 2 years extended warranty by following the redemption instructions.

When I ordered the Omnidesk Pro 2020, Omnidesk was having a promotion that extended the warranty to 5 years (worth S$99). That promotion is now over.

So in total, I have a 3 + 2 + 2 = 7 years warranty for my Omnidesk Pro 2020.

Installation Process
Initially, the time slot given was 2 pm to 7 pm, which was a 5 hours window. This wasn’t an issue for me as I was working from home.

During the actual installation day, I received a message from Omnidesk at approximately 1.30 pm (30 minutes before the supposed delivery window) that the time slot will be shifted slightly later to 4 pm to 7 pm. Again, this wasn’t a major issue for me as I would be working from home the entire day.

It is worth noting that the entire installation process took only 15 minutes. If there are no accessories to be installed, it will take only 10 minutes.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Installation
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Installation
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Installation
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Installation

The Omnidesk crew that came to install was professional. They provided advice on the different available installation options.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Installation
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Installation
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Power
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Power
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Installation
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Installation

Height Adjusting Controller
The height adjusting controller can be installed either on the left or right-hand side of the desk. As I was right-handed, I chose the controller to be connected on the right-hand side of the desk.

Power Clamp + Mounted Powerbar
Power Clamp is removable and can be moved to your desired location post-installation while the Powerbar is drilled on the underside of the desk.

If you happen to purchase both the accessories add on, it is advisable to have power points on both sides of the desk. As such, it was recommended by the installer to have the Power Clamp on one side and 1 Powerbar on the other side of the desk to have access to power points from both sides of the desk.

I have chosen the Power Clamp to be clamped on the top right corner of my desk while the Mounted Powerbar is drilled on the left-hand side of my desk.

ARC Stealth Dual
For the monitor mount, I chose to have it installed in the center of the console since I want my monitors to be in the center of my desk. There is a cut-out at the center of the desk for you to install the monitor mount. The same cut-out is used to hide the majority of the wires.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Cut-out
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Cut-out
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - ARC Stealth Dual
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – ARC Stealth Dual

Although the monitor mount can be shifted post-installation to any position you want, most likely, you will have it installed in the center unless you have a three monitors setup. In that case, the Dual Monitor Arm will still be in the center, and the additional Single Monitor Arm will be mounted on either side of the desk.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - ARC Stealth Dual
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – ARC Stealth Dual

Initial Thought
My first initial thought of the completed Omnidesk Pro 2020 Desk was that the desk has a sturdy built and belongs to the higher end range of height-adjustable desk. The quality of the desktop surface (Black Powder Coat 60″ Straight Edge) was amazing. It has this “anti-slip” feel yet doesn’t feel too rough. The desk also feels really solid and rooted to the floor, which means that it doesn’t “vibrate” or “shake” easily. On top of that, I love the full black color scheme of the desk, which portrays a “stealth” look.

Personal Setup
I am using my MacBook in “desktop” mode, whereby I will connect 2 of the monitors to my desktop and shut the lid of my MacBook. I am also using a wireless setup for my peripherals to minimize the number of exposed wires.

As such, I would require a minimum of 2 HDMI Cables + 1 MacBook charging cable to be exposed on the tabletop.

For a typical desktop setup, you would have a CPU placed underneath your table and all your wires (including HDMIs) could be hidden via the center cut out hole of the table. This is not possible if you are using laptops since your laptop has to be placed on the desk itself. Even with an add-on laptop stand that can be mounted on the sides of the desk, wires would still be exposed. Omnidesk might need to introduce an additional tray add-on that can be mounted underneath the table so that laptops can be placed underneath your table to have a neater setup.

It is also crucial that you have an excess length of all your electrical cords, especially the one that powers your desk, which requires an electrical socket outlet that is external to your desk. The rest of your devices can leverage on either the electrical socket outlets via the mounted Powerbar or Powerclamp, which will not pose a problem when you adjust the height of the table since the entire tabletop will just move with it.

As mentioned in my purchasing decisions section, the main benefit of Omnidesk is the ability to adjust the height of the table as well as your monitors so that you can achieve a good posture. This is important in the long run since the majority of the time I am in front of the computer.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Proper Sitting Posture
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Proper Sitting Posture (Source: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital)

With adjustable desk height and monitor arms, I am able to ensure that:

  • Arms to be 90 degrees when typing with my forearms resting on the armrest
  • Monitor is about an arm’s length away
  • Top portion of monitor’s screen is at eye-level
  • Feet flat on the ground
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Seated
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Seated
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Seated - Human
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Seated – Human

On top of that, it helps to work while standing once in a while. It burns more calories, and you will be more productive by having a change in the “working environment.” With the ability to switch from sitting desk to standing desk with just a push of a button as compared to having to crank the table up and down manually, I find myself switching positions more frequently than I imagined.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Standing
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Standing
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Standing - Human
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Standing – Human

Feature: Height Adjusting Desk
Omnidesk Pro 2020 comes with four different stored modes whereby you can set different heights. It is effortless to configure your desired settings on the Height Adjusting Controller. All you have to do is:

  • Adjust the height of the desk to your desired height
  • Press the last button (the one with the Omnidesk Logo on it)
  • Press the desired numbered button (1, 2, 3 or 4)
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Height Adjusting Controller
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Height Adjusting Controller

I have configured my settings to be the following:

  • Optimal Sitting Posture
  • Optimal Standing Posture
  • “Relax” Sitting Posture
  • Spare

The noise that is being emitted while the desk is adjusting the height is negligible. So you do not have to worry about the additional noise. Standard atmospheric noise in a room is around 55 dB, while the Omnidesk Pro 2020 emits a noise of approximately 63.6 dB during its adjustment of the desk height.

On the height adjusting controller, the default metric that came with my desk was in Centimeters. You have an option to switch it to inches as well if you prefer to do so.

One feature that you might most probably miss out is that, on the right side of the height adjusting controller itself, there is a USB port that you can use to charge your peripherals. To be honest, I am not sure how useful that is going to be considering it will be rather unsightly to have cables dangling from the height adjusting controller itself.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Height Adjusting Controller - USB Port
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Height Adjusting Controller – USB Port

Feature: Anti-collision Mechanism
As for the anti-collision mechanism, it works as intended, although I find that the default collision sensitivity without any customization is a little too harsh for humans. I tested by sitting down on my chair and allowed the desk to be lowered until it touches my legs, but the default collision sensitivity was too much for my leg to absorb. As such, if you have kids or if you place items below the table, do remember to customize the default sensitivity setting. You can refer to the last page of the manual on how to set the sensitivity settings.

During the course of testing the anti-collision mechanism, I received an error code, E08, which was shown on the LED of the Height Adjusting Controller. Having tested the anti-collision mechanism over five times, I received this error only once. Hence, I believe this might be an isolated scenario. The Troubleshooting Section of the manual indicated “Er 1 to Er 13,” while the actual error that I saw on the height adjusting controller was actually “E08,” which I believe should be a short form of “Er 08”. If you do see the same error, proceed to reset it by following the instructions outlined in the “Use” section of the manual.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Height Adjusting Controller - Error E08
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Height Adjusting Controller – Error E08

Accessory: Cable Management Bar
The cable management bar is mounted underneath the desk to store all your cables. All your cables will be slotted in through the center, cut out hole, and into the cable management bar before plugging it into the electrical socket. You would then typically tie the excess cables up and place it in the cable management bar. Without the cable management bar, your wires will be dangling below your desk, and thus, you need to get this accessory add-on.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 -  Cable Management Bar
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Cable Management Bar

Verdict: Must buy

Accessory: Prism ARC Stealth Double
Prism ARC Stealth Double is well built with flexible arms that allow you to position the monitors at practically any angle that you want. The matt black surface finishing complements the tabletop.

I mounted 2 Monitors without any issues on the mobility of the arms or the sturdiness of the mount:

  • Prism F270i PRO 27″
  • Dell U2417H 24″

Prism ARC Stealth Double also comes with 2 USB Passthrough ports. As I am using a laptop rather than a desktop, the 2 USB Passthrough ports serve no purpose for me. Having mentioned it in the earlier “Purchasing Process,” it would be good to have more options for the monitor arms.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - ARC Stealth Dual - With Monitors
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – ARC Stealth Dual – With Monitors

As for the pricing, the same monitor arm is going for S$149 at Lazada while the add on Omnidesk is S$139. Thus it is cheaper to purchase it as an add on Omnidesk website itself if you require the two additional USB passthrough ports.

Verdict: Good to buy; If you do not need the USB 3.0 passthrough (like myself), the ARC Lite Dual would be a better choice.

Accessory: Mounted Powerbar
The Powerbar is a 6-way PowerPac (Brand) in a Black color that is to be mounted underneath your desk to provide electrical outlets for devices on your desk. It is a clean way to hide all your cables as you can leverage on the center cut out a hole to hide all your wires before plugging it to the Mounted Powerbar.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Mounted Powerbar
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Mounted Powerbar

It is retailing for S$23.90 in Lazada while it is listed for S$30 on the Omnidesk website. The difference of S$6.10 is worthwhile to pay extra as the installers will help you to mount it as part of the installation process. In my opinion, the hassle to drill and install it by yourself is worth way more than the S$6.10 premium that you are paying Omnidesk.

Verdict: Must buy

Accessory: Power Clamp
The Power Clamp is another “stealth-looking” accessory that provides you with an extra three electrical socket outlets, 2 USB ports, one passthrough USB 3.0 port, and another HDMI port. It is meant to be a clamp on the top of your desk and can be shifted post-installation to any position that you want.

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Power Clamp
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Power Clamp
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Power Clamp
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Power Clamp

As I have many devices such as Nomad Base Station Hub Edition and Nomad Base Station Stand to charge my phones, I require the additional electrical socket outlets, which is why the Power Clamp is a good add on to have. I would say having the Power Clamp adds the oomph to your Omnidesk setup.

Verdict: Good to buy

Summary / TL;DR

  • Omnidesk does not OEM their desks; They work with manufacturers to produce the desks according to their very own design specifications and innovations
  • Well-built, sturdy and stealth looking desk
  • Add-on accessories allow you to have a clutter-free and neat looking desk
  • Adjustable Height gives you the ability to have better posture
  • Buy it
Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Human
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Human
Omnidesk Pro 2020
Omnidesk Pro 2020