Omnidesk Pro 2020 Standing Desk Review

Purchasing Decisions
Before getting an Omnidesk, I was using a S$60 table purchased from Taobao, which surprisingly valued for money since I used it without any issues for three years. One of the major factors that spurred me into looking at a height-adjustable table was to have a better posture as I have to be in front of my monitors for an extended period. This is especially critical in this COVID-19 pandemic since I have to work from home (WFH) for the rest of this year.

Omnidesk was my top pick, as I have heard excellent reviews from my peers that are currently using it. Initially, I was guessing that Omnidesk actually OEM their table and insert their brand name on it, but after clarification with Omnidesk, it turns out that they do not OEM their tables. Omnidesk designs the specifications of their desks while working with a reputable manufacturer to ensure that these desks are built according to the required specifications right down to the wire. This was a major plus point to me as I am not just paying for the brand name of Omnidesk but also the design, quality, and R&D of the desks.

theomnidesk.com - Purchase - Step #1
theomnidesk.com – Purchase – Step #1

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PRISM+ Vantage Triple Monitor VESA Monitor Arm

Bought the PRISM+ Vantage Triple Monitor VESA Monitor Arm during Lazada’s 7th birthday sale. Paid S$118 for it instead of the usual retail price of S$159.

Previously, I was using the ErgoEdge Freedom Dual Monitor Arm. But I decided to go for a triple monitor setup.

PRISM+ Vantage Triple Monitor VESA Monitor Arm - Box Front
PRISM+ Vantage Triple Monitor VESA Monitor Arm – Box Front

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