Sudio Nio is the latest earbuds from Sudio and also their first product launch in 2021. It is available in four colors, black, white, green, and sand.

Sudio retails for S$119 but you can get it for S$101.15 after applying the coupon code LESTER15 which entitles you to a 15% discount on S$119. Worldwide shipping is free via DHL, and you will get it within 5 to 7 days.

Specifications wise, Bluetooth 5.0, IPX4 rated, touch controls, adaptive dual-microphone technology, and 20 hours of battery life.


Sudio Nio - Box Front
Sudio Nio – Box Front
Sudio Nio - Box Back
Sudio Nio – Box Back
Sudio Nio - Box
Sudio Nio – Box
Sudio Nio - Box Contents
Sudio Nio – Box Contents

Four wing-tips are included in the packaging. When the wing-tips are attached, it doesn’t fall off your ears easily, though it looks slightly uglier. You have the option of not using it as well since it is removable.

My immediate first impression after unboxing Nio is that it is an AirPods clone. Nio comes in more colors, and it also has a glossy finish. Because of that, it includes a cleaning cloth in the packaging.

Sudio Nio - Front
Sudio Nio – Front
Sudio Nio - Back
Sudio Nio – Back

On Nio’s charging case, the USB-C charging port is on the left of the case, while the pairing button is at the bottom.

Sudio Nio - Left - USB-C Charging Port
Sudio Nio – Left – USB-C Charging Port
Sudio Nio - Bottom
Sudio Nio – Bottom

The case is lighter and feels less solid than the AirPods case. Hence, closing the case’s cover doesn’t produce a loud snap, which can be satisfying at times for fidgeters.

Sudio Nio - Open
Sudio Nio – Open
Sudio Nio - Open - Empty
Sudio Nio – Open – Empty

Touch Controls
The touch controls are located on the upper part of the stem of both earbuds.

Sudio Nio - Earbuds
Sudio Nio – Earbuds

A single-tap on either side will play or pause the music.

A double-tap on the left will go to the previous song, and on the right will go to the next song.

A triple-tap will on the left will decrease the volume, and on the right will increase the volume. I like the triple-tap feature since I do not need to reach for my phone to increase or decrease the volume.

I find the touch controls too sensitive, and the response is laggy. During my tests, I always have accidental touches, and because of that, my music will be paused.

Sometimes, I am not sure if my touch is being registered, so I will tap, wait for a while for a response and tap it again. Then my music will go from pause to play to pause again due to the laggy response.

Audio Quality
I was expecting AirPods like audio quality, which is mediocre due to the weak bass. I am a bass person.

Sudio Nio - Earbuds
Sudio Nio – Earbuds

But to my surprise, the audio quality is much better than the AirPods. The bass is strong and doesn’t crack at loud volume.

Despite no active noise cancellation, the wingtips, together with the good audio quality, provide a decent amount of seal to block off the noises from the surroundings when you are listening to music.

Sudio Nio - Earbuds - With Wingtips
Sudio Nio – Earbuds – With Wingtips

Also priced at S$119 (S$101.15 after discount), the price is reasonable for people to pay for wireless earbuds, especially for Android users.

For iOS users, the only thing that you will miss out on against the AirPods is the seamless connection within the Apple ecosystem. So it will be up to you to decide whether you value seamless connection more or audio quality.

Sudio Nio
Sudio Nio