Nokia E51

Nokia E51 was announced yesterday, somehow I was expecting a E series phone being announced after Go Play as there were many rumors floating around Mobile Review forum.

I think the E51 reminds me of a candy bar version of E65 which is a slider phone. The only think I dislike the E51 is the 2MP camera, I mean even though camera is not the main feature of this phone, they should at least put in a 3.2MP camera instead.

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Microsoft Delivers Silverlight 1.0

Microsoft Delivers Silverlight 1.0, Extends Support to Linux

REDMOND, Wash. – Sept. 4, 2007 – Microsoft Corp. today released to the Web (RTW) Silverlight 1.0, a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering richer user experiences on the Web. In addition, Microsoft will work with Novell Inc. to deliver Silverlight support for Linux, called Moonlight, and based on the project started on

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Nokia Prism Collection

The new Nokia Prism collection: progressive design cut with personalized style
Espoo, Finland – Nokia tunes into the cultural zeitgeist with its modernist collection of fashion-alert mobile phones. The Nokia 7900 Prism and Nokia 7500 Prism with their sophisticatedly glamorous high gloss black faades reflect an independent attitude, which looks firmly to the future. Provocatively
alluring to both sexes, the Nokia Prism range also leaps past conventional design in its ode-toarchitecture sharp angled lines and graphic light-refracting color.

Standing out as opposed to slotting into the mobile phone milieu, the Prism collection artfully plays with juxtaposition: matt meets shine; light plays of dark; color and cool steel spliced black, and sharp lines
finish in softly bevelled edges.

Nokia 7900 Prism

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Starcraft II Official

YEAP, Blizzard new game is officially Starcraft II. I have been waiting ages for this day!

3:00 – FMV sequence in a spaceship – looks Terran – zooming in on a metal door – door opening – reveals a guy with a cigar in chains – prisoner – door shuts behind him – there’s so much bass the room is shaking – guy steps into some kind of metallic devicce – legs are strapped in – guy rising toward ceiling – Korean text on screen got people very excited – another part of the machine is dropping metal arms on him – machine whirring – applying armor to his torso – extremly detailed visuals here – now guy is strapping on gloves – armor is molding together – seems like a Terran marine – rockets turn on – zerg now onscreen – Marine delivers a line – StarCraft 2 officially announced.

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C&C 3 Tiberium Wars Gone Gold

EA Los Angeles (EALA) is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars for the PC has officially gone gold and will be on stores shelves Nationwide March 28.

Fast and fluid gameplay, a breakthrough single player campaign, the ability to transform online battles into a spectator sport, next-generation graphics, and an epic story with full-motion video sequences featuring top Hollywood talent, mark the return of the genre-defining Command & Conque series.

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Windows Vista Gone Gold

After 5 years of development, Windows Vista has gone gold and it will be available to the public by 30th January 2007.

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 8, 2006 ” As Windows Vista is released to manufacturing (RTM) today ” a significant milestone for Microsoft and its partners ” anticipation is building around that all-important question: How good is it really?

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StarCraft: Ghost Announced

Its not Starcraft II, but Starcraft: Ghost. During a press conference today at the Tokyo Game Show, Blizzard Entertainment®, a studio of the games division of Vivendi Universal Publishing, unveiled StarCraft: Ghost„¢, a tactical-action console game set in Blizzards epic StarCraft® universe.StarCraft: Ghost is currently under development and is scheduled for a worldwide release on multiple console systems. The game will be co-published by Capcom and Blizzard Entertainment in Japan; further announcements regarding platform/country specifics will be announced in the months to come.

StarCraft®: Ghost„¢, Blizzard Entertainments upcoming tactical-action console game, refines the epic experience of StarCraft to the level of the individual soldier. Engage the StarCraft universe face-to-face as a deadly Ghost operative in the employ of the Dominion. With the help of determined allies, follow story-driven missions that take you from massive planetary battles through dangerous solo operations to an unexpected turn of events that leaves the fate of the universe in your hands.
» Revolutionary new style of gameplay featuring enhanced physical and psionic abilities

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